5 Favorite Card Games to Play with the Family

Spice up game night and get your kids off their electronic devices with these five popular card games. Use every moment in your apartment to Emerald of Katong and have some fun with these featured card games.


Almost everyone will know how to play Uno, but the mechanics are simple enough to teach those who don’t know in five minutes or less. It’s a family game that can accommodate up to eight or nine players, so you can add as many as you want.

Go fishing!

Another classic card game, Go Fish! is played using a regular deck of cards. Like Uno, the mechanics are very simple and a small child should have no problems understanding them. The game ends when a player’s hand is empty or when only one person is left holding cards.


A round of blackjack can be played in a minute or two, making it the perfect card game for families with time to spare. Players are dealt two cards at the start and the goal is to get as close to the number 21 as possible without crossing over.

Exploding kittens

A modern card game that promises hours of fun for the whole family. Exploding Kittens is played to the last man with cards that either help or hinder other players. The game is relatively cheap and you can take it with you on a trip or vacation to keep the kids entertained.

Memory game

Pexeso is primarily a children’s game, but can be adjusted in terms of difficulty for teens and tweens. You can use a regular deck of cards for this. The cards are dealt face down and arranged; players take turns turning over two cards until they match.

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