A wild moment of road rage tradition threatens the AX motorist

Horrifying footage has emerged of a man threatening a motorist with a large pickaxe.

Confrontation video taken by another driver showed the man, wearing an orange hi-vis shirt and dark trousers, wielding a rust-brown ax at an intersection in Albert Park in Melbourne’s south on Saturday.

He then began speaking aggressively at the driver while brandishing a tool.

Horrifying video captured the moment Tradition (pictured) threatened a motorist with a pickaxe at a junction on Queens Road in Melbourne’s Albert Park on Saturday.

Moments later, the man tapped the ax on the roof of the vehicle and then tapped the driver’s side window with it.

He continued his tirade against the motorist by pointing and shouting at the driver.

Radio presenter Jacqui Felgate expressed her outrage at the incident on 3AW on Tuesday afternoon.

She said a driver wearing hi-vis overtook another driver before colliding with a pickaxe-wielding motorist.

«Imagine if there were children in the back seat of that car,» she said.

«I think it’s scary and threatening enough even for an adult, let alone for children to witness a person behaving in this way.»

Glenn Weir, Assistant Commissioner of Police at Victoria Police, told the program that officers had been made aware of the incident.

A man was seen pointing the finger (pictured) and shouting at the driver of the vehicle during a shocking road confrontation

A man was seen pointing the finger (pictured) and shouting at the driver of the vehicle during a shocking road confrontation

«We have spoken to the motorist who was the victim of this (incident) who does not want to take any action,» Commissioner Weir said.

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«That behavior is completely unacceptable, I don’t know what kind of world this guy lives in where he thinks this is acceptable behavior.»

He said police would continue to investigate the motorist and urged drivers who witness similar incidents to contact the police in the first instance instead of uploading videos to social media.

A Victoria Police spokeswoman told Daily Mail Australia that police had not received a report of the incident.

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