All about diabetic foot ulcers

Diabetes is a chronic disease that presents various complications such as foot ulcers. These ulcers form when wounds on a diabetic patient’s feet are left untreated or neglected. Here’s more about diabetic foot ulcers, including their causes, diabetic foot care, and more:

Diabetic foot ulcers explained

Diabetic foot ulcers can appear as an open sore on the bottom of the foot. It breaks down your skin tissues and affects the tissue layers. Diabetic foot ulcers develop under the balls of the feet or on the big toes. This foot problem is common in patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Such patients have between 19% and 34% lifetime risk of developing diabetic foot ulcers.

Adopting various lifestyle changes that lower blood sugar can reduce the risk of these ulcers. If you notice a puncture or ulcer under your foot, see a podiatrist for help. See a doctor if you experience symptoms such as fluid discharge, foul odor, skin discoloration, redness, and swelling.

Causes of diabetic foot ulcers

Knowing the potential causes of these ulcers can help before planning diabetic foot care or treatment. Diabetic patients may be more likely to develop neuropathy, which damages the peripheral nerves. This complication is common in patients with diabetes mellitus who do not control their condition in time.

Sensory neuropathy reduces the feeling of pain in the legs. Over time, damage to the feet can lead to calluses, resulting in a foot ulcer. High blood sugar, poor circulation, and being overweight can also trigger or worsen a leg ulcer.

Poor foot care is another cause of foot ulcers in diabetic patients. Improper foot care can result in poor quality or ill-fitting footwear, improper toenail trimming and poor hygiene. Dry skin under the feet can also crack and bleed, leading to ulcers.

Diabetic foot care

AND diabetic foot care the program may benefit patients with or without leg ulcers. If you have foot ulcers, keep your diabetes under control and get treatment early. During treatment and aftercare, your podiatrist may recommend wearing the following:

  • Footwear intended for diabetics
  • Shoe inserts
  • Leg braces
  • Cast
  • Compression wraps

An aftercare regimen may include foot baths, disinfecting the ulcer, applying fresh dressings, and taking prescribed antibiotics. The following tips can help prevent diabetic foot ulcers:

Monitor your blood sugar

High blood sugar slows down the healing process of a leg injury. High glucose levels will cause a leg ulcer that can spread to the entire foot if not adequately treated. Talk to your doctor to find out how to keep your blood sugar in a safe range. You will need to take prescribed medication, control your diet and exercise regularly.

Check your feet daily

It is not uncommon for diabetics to overlook injuries under their feet. These injuries, if left untreated, can become leg ulcers. Check your feet for cuts, blisters, swelling or redness. Bathe your feet in lukewarm water daily and moisturize them to keep the skin dry. Cut and file your nails carefully.

Avoid walking barefoot

Walking barefoot exposes the bottom of the feet to sharp objects that can tear the skin. Wear comfortable shoes or slippers when necessary, especially at home, work or the gym. When choosing shoes, look for flexible and breathable materials such as leather or fabric. You can also apply antiperspirant to the soles of your feet to combat sweating.

Go for regular check-ups

See your podiatrist to check your feet for potential diabetic ulcers. Your doctor can recognize early signs of diabetic foot ulcers and treat the problem right away. The doctor can also schedule follow-up appointments to promote proper and timely healing.

Get quality treatment and care for diabetic feet

Diabetic foot ulcers are treatable, especially if caught early. If you notice a symptom of leg ulcers, see your doctor to avoid serious problems later. Adopt a strategic diabetic foot care program to prevent or resolve foot ulcers today.

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