American Matt Walsh delivers brutal news to Australia: ‘Weakest, most woke, weakest country on Earth’

American anti-awakening commentator Matt Walsh took a dig at Australia, calling it «the weakest, most woke, weakest country on Earth».

Political activist Matt Walsh said his views on Australia and its people had changed for the worse in recent years.

His comments come after watching reality survival show Alone Australia, which he described as «the unintentionally funniest thing on TV right now».

«I’m sure there are great people in Australia, but my opinion of Australians has just gone downhill,» he said.

During the pandemic, Walsh was critical of the Covid lockdown and vaccination mandates that were strictly imposed across Australia.

Walsh, who rose to fame with his documentary What is a Woman, which attacked the transgender industry, said the Alone program confirmed his fears about Australia.

“Before Covid, I thought Australia was primarily an absolute hell where poisonous spiders rained down from the sky. That part is true,” he said.

“But then I went on to think that that would make everyone who lives there have to be the toughest whores on the planet.

«I really thought so. I thought it was all Steve Irwins country.

“Since Covid and now ending (Alone Australia) I’ve been thinking, how is Australia the weakest, most woke, poorest country on Earth?

‘How is it possible?’

US podcaster Matt Walsh (pictured) has unleashed furious anger on Australians, saying they have «few survival skills» and Australia is the «weakest» country in the world.


Do you agree with Matt Walsh that Australia is the «weakest» country in the world?

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Alone Australia is a survival competition series based on the successful American version.

«Ten Australians are dropped alone in isolated areas of remote wilderness where they must deal with the forces of nature, hunger and loneliness,» said the show’s SBS promoter.

Walsh wrote that he and his wife enjoy watching the American version of Alone, which «features brave and experienced survivalists».

“We just found out there was an Australian version and started watching. Unintentionally the funniest thing on TV right now. It’s basically «Alone: ​​DEI Edition».’

«DEI» stands for «Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.»

Walsh wrote that Alone Australia ticks all the diversity boxes by including two lesbians and two Indigenous people.

“Ten contestants. Two are lesbians. Two claim to be indigenous. One of the lesbians dropped out after one night.

“One of the Aboriginal guys made a big show about being in touch with nature etc and then after one night he cried and dropped out.

A conservative commentator mocked a Gen Z «environmental guy» who requested a medical evacuation after testing positive for Covid-19.

It also focused on «a full white guy who keeps talking about how he’s aboriginal» but whose lack of knowledge of fauna led to him eating a «toxic millipede».

“The American version features brave and experienced survivalists.

‘The Aussie version was more worried about diversity control, so the contestants are completely clueless, incompetent and just whine about the whole thing,’ Walsh wrote.

He said Alone Australia was «a very fun thing. And a great cautionary tale. I warmly recommend.

“Apparently they sent contestants into the wilderness with tests for Covid. And they start each episode by acknowledging the country.

“Also, they have a lot of environmental regulations that prohibit them from hunting almost any game. Like I said, it’s laughable.’

Walsh’s new video already has several hundred comments, with one poster talking about their own experience at the show.

“As a survivalist, I started the application process for this show, but once I realized they were promoting DEI to the contestants, I didn’t continue.

«There were more questions about sexuality and gender identity than about outdoor skills.»

Matt Walsh criticized the Australian version of the TV show

Matt Walsh criticized the Australian version of the TV show «Alone» for being woke. Pictured is the cast of Alone Australia 2023

Another wrote that Crocodile Dundee actor Paul Hogan «seriously gave millions of Americans the wrong impression of Aussies».

«The vast majority of them are nothing like that. Renowned wildlife experts like Steve Irwin are about as common as they get here in the states,” they said.

“However, what remained when I visited Australia in 2009 and 2013 was their sense of humor and affinity with alcohol. But that was before they were infected with wakeism.’

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