An exciting Gmail update introduces a new cleaning feature for Android

Google is rolling out a time-saving unsubscribe feature in Gmail for Android — streamlining your inbox. The newly incorporated unsubscribe button, conveniently located next to the sender’s name, provides a hassle-free method of leaving mailing lists without the usual login or explanation.

Previously exclusive to Google’s web client, the feature is now expanding its reach to the app and is finally coming to Android users.

When this feature is available to all app users, you’ll be able to easily unsubscribe from annoying marketing emails with just a few taps – one on the «Unsubscribe» button in the email header and another to confirm your intent in the window. -up dialog.»

According to Android Police findings, there are situations where you may be redirected to a website for confirmation.

The update is currently rolling out for certain users, especially those with newer ones Pixel phones. This means a server-side update that will soon roll out to a wider user base. The app for iOS expected to follow shortly thereafter.

If you’re not sure about the sender and don’t want to go through the unsubscribe process, you can still use the three-dot menu to block the sender or move the email to the spam folder. However, if you’re dealing with legitimate senders you no longer wish to hear from, opting out is probably the best option.

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