An influencer swears by three tips to ‘wow everyone you talk to’ – but do they really work?

While confidence comes naturally to some, it can be more of a challenge for others to assert themselves when meeting new people.

Online coach and influencer Hannah Chan, who currently lives in the UK, has revealed three psychological tips she swears by to ‘charm everyone’ she talks to.

She regularly posts videos on TikTok, where she goes by the name @realhannahchan, where she aims to empower women to «improve their taste, money and dating life».

Her latest clip, titled «If you were born awkward like me, charisma is the child of a learned skill,» has been viewed by more than 23,000 people.

She explained: ‘You are judged every time you interact with someone, not by what you say, but by how you say it.

Online coach and influencer Hannah Chan, who currently lives in the UK, has revealed three psychological tips she swears by to «wow everyone» she talks to.

«And as someone who has built a seven-figure personal brand, let me give you some tips on how to project a strong presence that leaves a good impression.»

Read on to find out her top three tips for those looking to improve their social skills – plus what a trained psychologist thinks about her advice.

Use the «chameleon technique»

Hannah’s first tip is to use what’s known as the ‘chameleon technique’ – changing your approach based on the person you’re talking to.

She explained, “The first thing is called the chameleon technique. The most charismatic people match their energy to who they are talking to.

“So if you’re talking to someone who has super high energy and is very animated, it often feels like the other person isn’t as invested in the conversation if they don’t reciprocate that energy.

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«If you want the person to feel seen and to build a relationship with them, you want to raise your energy by 20% to somewhat match their level».

Research shows that most people practice the chameleon technique unintentionally—imitating their friends’ body language and gestures.

Psychological counselor and life coach, Bayu Prihandito, adds: “In psychology, we call this mirroring, which helps the other person feel seen and understood.

“However, it is important to note that in practice this should not lead to the loss of your authentic self. The key is to be empathetic and adaptive, not just mimic.

Hanna’s first tip is to use what’s known as the ‘chameleon technique’ – changing your approach based on the person you’re talking to.

Speak with downward inflection

The influencer continues: «The second thing is inflection – the way you speak speaks volumes about you».

Voice inflection is the tone or pitch of your voice – if your sentences become higher towards the end, they will end up sounding like questions.

Hannah adds, “One of the biggest giveaways that you lack confidence is speaking in resentment, which sounds like you’re subconsciously signaling and looking for validation—as if you’re trying to ask a question to get the other person’s approval. person’.

“When you do the opposite and end your sentences with a falling tone instead of a questioning upward tone, it doesn’t matter if you’re talking to the CEO of a company and you’re an unpaid intern.

‘It signals to the other person that you are confident in your ideas and stand behind them’.

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Prihandito notes, “Using the downward inflection to convey confidence and assurance is indeed correct as it projects both authority and assertiveness.

“However, this stance should be context sensitive. For example, excessive or inappropriate use of this technique can appear domineering and inaccessible, especially in situations that require empathy and understanding”.

Stop using inferior language

Finally, he urges viewers to stop using «inferior language» and advises to avoid phrases like «if you want» and «I’m sure I’m not as good as you».

She revealed: “You might think you’re just being humble or nice, but in reality it comes across as insecure, like you’re not comfortable with the fact that you might be good at something.

“If you think about all the reasons why you respect someone, it’s not really because they’re super nice or overly humble.

«It’s probably because they have an energy of confidence where they respect themselves enough to share their opinions if they know others won’t agree with them.»

Prihandito agrees: “The advice to avoid using inferior language is in line with building your confidence and assertiveness.

“Phrases that undermine your own ideas or abilities can really create an impression of insecurity. However, showing confidence should not turn into arrogance and must be balanced with humility and openness to the perspectives of others”.

Viewers quickly flooded the comments with praise and more questions, with one user asking, “It’s so exhausting for an introvert to deal with the hype energy! Some tips?»

Hannah replied, “I’m an introvert so I get you! It’s not about being someone you’re not and increasing your own by 10-20%.

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Another wrote: “Definitely speaking in a low key. I’m not saying sorry, I’m saying sorry or can you say that again? It obviously strikes fear in people’s hearts.

Meanwhile, a third wrote: ‘You can do a nice thing/»if it’s okay with you» in point 3 if you can appear to be above but graciously meet the other person in the middle’.

Someone else gushed, “That’s amazing! Would love to hear more about vocal inflection!!,” to which Hannah explained, “You end your sentences on a high versus a low note. High = if you ask!’.

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