Analytics Jobs secures undisclosed seed funding to revolutionize tech literacy


Analytics Jobs, India’s leading Q&A and course review platform specializing in technology courses, has reached a major milestone by securing an undisclosed amount of seed funding. The investment was led by Janardan Tiwari, Founder and CEO of HotelYaari.

Analytics Jobs takes a community approach that allows users to openly share their personal experiences with various technology courses. The platform serves as a hub for individuals to discuss how these courses have shaped their careers and offers valuable recommendations and insights for those considering similar educational paths.

Expressing the strategic focus of the seed funding, Kaushik Aeri, founder and CEO of Analytics Jobs, said: “The infusion of funds will primarily strengthen the technology backbone of Analytics Jobs, facilitate the development of a dedicated mobile application and expand the reach of the online brand. The platform uniquely connects alumni, current and future students together with EdTech institutions, fostering a dynamic ecosystem brimming with rich, diverse dialogue and knowledge exchange.”

Appreciating the platform’s innovative approach, lead investor Janardan Tiwari said, “What Kaushik and team are cultivating with Analytics Jobs is commendable. The platform’s ability to guide students in technology areas using authentic, experiential learning is not only innovative, but essential in today’s educational environment.”

The new capital injection is intended to redefine the education technology space to be more accessible, transparent and community-focused. Analytics Jobs aims to continue its pioneering role in providing authentic, experience-based insights to entry-level data scientists, software developers, blockchain developers and product managers.

As India’s first Q&A platform dedicated to technology education, Analytics Jobs is poised to shape the future of technology education with its community model, transparent insights and commitment to foster a vibrant knowledge sharing ecosystem.

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