Ask Sophie: What are the changes in preparation for PERM?

Sophie Alcorn, attorneyauthor and founder Alcorn Immigration Law in Silicon Valley, California, is an award-winning board certified attorney specializing in immigration and citizenship law by the State Bar’s Board of Attorneys on Legal Specialization. Sophie is passionate about pushing boundaries, expanding opportunities and connecting the world by practicing compassionate, visionary and expert immigration law. Connect with Sophie on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Dear Sophie,

Our staffing and operations consulting company primarily works with technology startups. Will you provide an update on what we should be watching for in the new year when it comes to the PERM process? Thank you!

— Full of hope HR

Dear Hopeful,

Happy New Year! I’m excited for 2024 to bring immigration policy changes designed to attract and retain international talent in STEM fields, especially those pushed by President Biden executive order on AI.

If you haven’t already, talk to an immigration attorney about the complex PERMANENT process, timing, risks and alternatives based on the company’s employment situation and the employee’s immigration situation.

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Let me provide some context on the current state of affairs with the PERM process before I get into the changes you should watch out for that will – or won’t 🙂 – affect PERM.

Current state of PERM

As you know, obtaining a PERM labor certification from the US Department of Labor (DOL) is the first step required for companies sponsoring current or prospective employees to EB-2 advanced degree or exceptional ability green card or an EB-3 green card for professional workers. The PERM process aims to protect Americans’ wages and ensure that all qualified and available US workers are given access to work before an applicant is offered a green card.

If you want more details on the nuts and bolts of the PERM process, check out this previous one Column Ask Sophie.

In general, PERM requires employers to:

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