Asus Vivobook Pro 15 OLED (N6506) review

The new Asus Vivobook Pro 15 is a notebook computer designed for content creation and graphics-intensive productivity. It offers the option of two Intel Meteor Lake-H CPUs – the Ultra 7 155H or the Ultra 9 185H – and two Nvidia GPUs, the RTX4050 and RTX4060. All models feature a vivid 2880 x 1620 OLED panel with color accuracy and a 120hHz refresh rate and a MUX switch to maximize the GPU’s potential.

Only the top-of-the-line Core Ultra 185H RTX 4060 is currently slated to launch in the UK for £1,599 (£1,333 ex VAT). There’s no news on UK availability or pricing for the Core Ultra 155H and RTX 4050 machines, but it’s probably safe to assume they’ll cost around £1,300 (£1,085 ex VAT) when and if they launch in Blighty. That’s not a bad price when the obvious competition in the form of Apple’s MacBook Pro 16 will set you back dangerously close to £3,000.

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