Barbie’s Dream Revenge: How Snub Fury Can Turn the Oscar Race on Its Head

“If I was a front runner, I would be worried. These words, delivered by an Academy voter during a tumultuous Oscar season in 2013, was a response to a perennial phenomenon that has resurfaced: conspicuous disdain. This time there are two.

The final weeks of Hollywood’s awards season are always when friendly rivalries turn hostile, whispers become deafening, and currents and conventional wisdom can suddenly shift. This year Oppenheimer Heading into the Oscars as the legendary front-runner with 13 nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director Christopher Nolan. But when the nominations were announced this week, much of the talk focused on two people who were left out.

Barbie co-writer and director Greta Gerwig was conspicuously absent from the directing category, while the film’s star and producer, margot robbie was left out of the Best Actress nominations. (Notably, Gerwig is nominated for her screenplay, while Robbie shares a Best Picture nod, leaving them both Oscar nominees.) Their snubs in these particular categories may seem ominous to Best Picture prospects, but history shows that the campaign movie for the top prize can be galvanized by a glaring omission. Gerwig, in particular, may not have been on the directing shortlist, but she still ruled the headlines: “Oppenheimer dominates the Oscar nominations as Gerwig is left out of the Best Director category,” the documentary said NPR story.

To be clear, Team Oppenheimer he didn’t take anything from the team Barbie. After both settling on the same release date, the «Barbenheimer» frenzy seemed to benefit both of them immensely. Robbie a Oppenheimer actor Cillian Murphy they even joined forces Variety‘with Actor on actors video series, and after so much critical acclaim and box office success, both films were destined to be mainstays at the Academy Awards. And they do. They are just two key players from Barbie it didn’t pass, leaving outsiders in a state of disbelief. How did it happen?

We call it an «insult» when a favorite is left out, but the nomination process is really more like a game of musical chairs, with more worthy honorees than there are slots. Academy voters like to mix things up and spread the word about their support, motivated by a sense of justice and a desire to use their vote for something meaningful. And that doesn’t change in phase two, when voters get a chance to see what’s already on the ballot, what might be missing, and give their support for something that was rejected in nominations that morning.

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After all, it already happened.

There was something for everyone in the 2012 Oscar competition – history with Lincoln, action with thirty minutes past midnight broken heart s amour and india sand with Beasts of the Southern Wild. But everyone seemed to agree that the complete package film did Argo, a thriller based on a true story that earned seven Oscar nominations…but no directing nods for the director Ben Affleck.

The shocking disdain prompted an anonymous voter to say, «If I was in first place, I’d be worried.» At the time, the perceived front-runner Steven Spielberg‘with Lincoln, with 12 nominations and a best actor nominee for a slam dunk Daniel Day-Lewis. But after the morning of the nominations, Argo became a David facing the Goliaths of Lincoln, Les Mis, and Pi and his life, all of which collected other top awards. On nominations day, Affleck’s absence from directing was seen by pundits as a sign that Argo he lacked support, but in the days and weeks that followed, indignation at the insult turned into a kind of ill-fated enthusiasm that eventually grew Argo to win best picture.

How exactly did this happen? Voters exposed an injustice and wanted to correct it. Affleck and team Argo they couldn’t control it, but they made some key decisions that helped their cause.

Affleck responded to the speech with humor and humility. “I mean, I didn’t get it either. acting appointment. And no one says I got scolded there!” he said backstage at the Golden Globesholds the award for directing.

It was his allies who, meanwhile, could speak more openly on his behalf. He recently passed Alan Arkinwho received a supporting actor nod for his work on the film, he said in response: “The main problem beyond the initial joy was wanting Ben to get the nod. It is an absolutely perfect film in every way and he is responsible for that.”

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George Clooney, who produced Argo, he joined in the applause by eliciting sympathy for Affleck, who after a string of critically panned flops such as Gigli. «Part of the reason Ben is admired at this stage is because he’s been in an actor’s prison,» Clooney said at the Golden Globes press conference. «I did Batman and Robin— believe me, I know. It’s about how you handle yourself when you fail. He pointed the way out of it. I can’t tell you how proud we are to have worked with him – and how much I hate him.”

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