Biden Campaign Planning Big Fundraiser with Bill Clinton, Barack Obama: The Report

The Joe Biden the re-election campaign is planning a first-of-its-kind fundraiser that would bring together Biden and former Democratic presidents bill clinton and Barack Obama sometime this spring as he hopes to inject energy into sluggish enthusiasm numbers and fill the campaign coffers.

«There’s a real focus and urgency to make sure we beat Trump,» a Biden aide told NBC, who first reported collection plans.

The news comes as the Biden campaign has gained momentum in recent weeks Donald Trump on the verge of running away with the GOP nomination. Just this week, Biden touted his infrastructure spending in Wisconsin, accepted the endorsement of the United Auto Workers union in Washington, DC, and traveled to South Carolina to reach out to black voters.

The campaign is also gearing up for a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign around the time of the fundraiser, which is expected to be held in March or April, NBC reported.

«It’s all hands on deck now,» Quentin FulksBiden’s deputy campaign manager, he said ABC last week. “We are full steam ahead into the general election. Biden officials told NBC that the president plans to hit the campaign trail at least twice a week as his re-election campaign ramps up his battleground hiring.

An earlier-than-expected campaign means Biden has to raise money — hence the fundraiser. However, the campaign is still in better financial shape than expected: earlier this month he announced a record $97 million in fundraising in the final quarter of 2023 — the most a Democrat has ever raised this far from Election Day.

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The fundraising plans underscore the Biden campaign’s multifaceted approach to the election as it seeks to draw on the political capital and relatively higher favorability of Biden’s two Democratic predecessors. Obama, in particular, has been in close contact with Biden about the president’s plans for 2024. In a late 2023 lunch interview reported according to Washington Post, the former president urged Biden to seek advice from former Obama campaign aides.

The nation’s first black president also used his political clout to help raise money for the Biden campaign, helping generate $4 million in small dollars, much of it through a «Meet the Presidents» contest that gave donors a chance to meet. Obama and Biden.

Bill Clinton has so far been less involved in the 2024 effort, although his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, he appeared as a prominent Biden surrogate and is expected to play a major public role in the campaign this year.

The move is not without political risk: Both Clinton and Obama are not generally viewed favorably by moderate Republicans, whom Biden needs to win in November. nor are they loved the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

«Everybody’s all in,» a Biden aide told NBC of the fundraiser. «And this kind of event at the beginning is just the latest example of that.»

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