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This week, some thoughts on the aesthetics of artificial intelligence, the challenge of uninsurance, and how to pitch a biotech startup to non-experts. — Anna

Too good to be true

Most tools that claim to detect text generated by artificial intelligence fail spectacularly, my colleague Kyle Wiggers reported. It’s a paradox. I’m only human, but a lot of the AI ​​suggestions I get don’t pass the sniff test yet; their style and eloquence are poor.

On the other hand, it’s probably too soon to expect machines to discover the je ne sais quoi, even if we can see it. As fellow TechCrunch writer Ron Miller recently noted, «it’s really like AI-generated art, which has a certain look and feel.»

That look and feel became ridiculously obvious in a recent experiment on one of my favorite social media accounts, Ugly Belgian houses.

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