CarDekho Group launches TractorsDekho to support the Indian farming community

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CarDekho Group, a leading autotech company, on Wednesday announced the launch of TractorsDekho, an innovative online platform dedicated to the farming community. This new initiative marks the company’s entry into the commercial and agricultural vehicle sector, aiming to provide farmers with essential resources to make informed decisions about farm equipment.

TractorsDekho is designed to simplify the often complex decision-making process that farmers face when selecting tractors and related farm implements. The platform connects buyers, sellers, dealers and service centers and offers a comprehensive network that facilitates easy access to information and services.

“Recognizing the critical role tractors play for farmers and their struggle with limited information, we are now stepping in to simplify their tractor research by identifying the right choice for them,” said Mayank Jain, CEO, New Auto at CarDekho Group. He highlighted the platform’s aim to demystify the tractor selection process for the farming community.

The platform promises to be a hub for in-depth information, expert advice and insights on the tractor industry, addressing a significant gap in the current market. “As a one-stop hub, TractorsDekho provides detailed information, expert advice and insights on the tractor industry,” said CarDekho.

Since its inception in 2008, CarDekho Group has grown rapidly to become a major player in the automotive online space with approximately 60 million monthly active users. The $1.2 billion company has diversified interests in several sectors, including insurtech with InsuranceDekho, fintech through Rupyy and shared mobility through Revv.

CarDekho’s strong backing from leading investors such as Peak XV (Sequoia), Hillhouse Capital, CapitalG, Ratan Tata Trust and ESG-focused investment fund Leapfrog as well as major Indian banks such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank and Axis Bank support its a new business in agriculture with strong financial and strategic support.

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