Denmark’s King Frederik X will rule in a different world than his mother – can he hold on to the throne?

Sunday afternoon, King Frederik X became the ruler of Denmark and carved another name in a line that goes back to the sixth century. Despite the weight of history that comes with change, the official transfer of power took place after his mother, Margrethe II, signed some paperwork at Christiansborg Palace. Photos from a moment later released by Kongehuset portrays a quiet atmosphere that is still full of anticipation. Margrethe handles the pen while Frederik is prime minister in full glory Mette Frederiksen, and now Crown Prince Christian everyone stares at her hand.

It is a far cry from what happened once the new monarch and his Council of State left the private room. AND later video to the tune of «A Sky Full of Stars» by Coldplay shows the king on his way to the Christiansborg balcony while his wife, Queen Mary; three more children, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josefina; and a younger brother Prince Joachim watch him meet the Prime Minister. Tens of thousands of Danes gathered outside in the palace complex to watch the development of the moment. Denmark’s royal family has been considered one of the most beloved monarchies for decades, and on Sunday they showed the world exactly what that means.

In a short speech, the prime minister paid a compliment to the new king. «Being queen and king is a link in a chain over a thousand years long,» she said. “When one retreats, another stands ready. And the crown prince who now becomes our sovereign is the king we know, the king we love, and the king we trust.’

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Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images.

Unlike the moment in May 2023 when King Charles III was proclaimed on the gilded throne, Denmark’s historic coronation chair sat in Copenhagen Rosenborg Museum On Sunday morning; since the coronation of Christian VIII not used in 1840. In 1972, Margrethe’s declaration on the same balcony happened just hours after she watched her father die in Copenhagen’s city hospital. The low-key joy of the moment was a reminder of why monarchies can survive, even if some of the pomp and circumstance will be shelved for modernization. It has also been shown that the abdication of an elderly monarch can allow a new era to begin without extinguishing the old one.

The full significance of the day only became apparent when Frederik was joined on the palace balcony by his new queen and their four children. Mary wore tight white dress from a Danish designer Soeren Le Schmidt, and her arrival was greeted with enthusiastic cheers. The nation didn’t just get a new king. Now they have a queen consort who can combine the constancy of her mother-in-law sa Kate Middleton– as a track record as child advocate aa Michelle Obama–inflected talent for fashion diplomacy. Denmark has a population of about 6 million, but punches above its weight as an economic and cultural powerhouse. It is the country that brought both Lego and hygge to the rest of the world and the new royal couple now serves as its national ambassadors.

According to the royal watcher Gertrude Daly, who runs a complex website Gert’s Royals, it was Australian-born Mary’s official entry into the family in 2004 that set the global royal-watching community on notice. First, the pair famously had cute meeting at the bar during the 2000 Sydney Olympics, reminiscent of the plots of several different romantic comedies from around the same time. (years 2004 The prince and me starring Julia Stiles he even planted his royal fantasy story in Denmark.)

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This means that Mary’s favorable reception by the Danish public has more to do with her acceptance of the culture, which began with her learning the native language when she moved there full-time. “Some of the other foreign spouses didn’t always take that much initiative because you don’t need to. You only know English,” Daly explained. “But learning Danish is very impressive.

This also helped Mary embrace the dark sense of humor that is unique to Danish culture. «She has learned Danish so well that the Danes consider her one of their own,» a Danish PR representative Morten Pelch he said Guardian. “He even understands our humor. (In recent memory(Mary herself pointed out that Australians also have a common gift for «black humour», so that part came naturally.)

Frederik offers his arm to his new wife Mary as they leave Copenhagen Cathedral on May 14, 2004.

Photo by Sven Nackstrand/Getty Images.

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