Digital Fifth engages Equanimity Investments, Flourish Ventures, IIFL Fintech Fund, IvyCap Ventures Advisors, 8i Ventures as investment partners and T-Hub as incubation partner

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Digital Fifth (TDF), India’s first and only financial and banking advisory firm, has announced that it has recruited five venture capital firms: Equanimity Investments, Flourish Ventures, IIFL Fintech Fund, IvyCap Ventures Advisors, 8i Ventures (in alphabetical order) with more to be announced soon as its investors and T-Hub as an incubation partner for its acceleration program.

The partnership is poised to encourage the burgeoning fintech startup ecosystem in the country and support budding startups in the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector.

Venture capital firms will help review the carefully shortlisted startups and judge them based on the robustness of their demos and pitches during the day of the event. This critical review will serve as a gateway for potential investment opportunities with the prospect of funding up to the Series A round. Investors will also get the first opportunity to write the first check to a shortlist of startups.

“Bringing Equanimity Investments, Flourish Ventures, IIFL Fintech Fund, IvyCap Ventures Advisors, 8i Ventures as investors and T-Hub as incubation partner to our group marks a significant step for our acceleration program. Each investor brings a wealth of knowledge and resources that are critical to supporting an early-stage business. Their commitment underscores the critical role of informed and supportive partners in shaping the fintech landscape of tomorrow,” said Sameer Singh Jaini, Founder and CEO, The Digital Fifth.

In an environment where fintech startups are competing for exposure and capital, an accelerator program has been created to help early-stage fintechs gain access to quality funds and mentoring.

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TDF will introduce its first cohort on February 7, 2024 at its second edition of the Bharat Fintech Summit, which is expected to attract over 4,000 participants from across the financial services industry.

The selected startups will benefit from a wealth of knowledge and expertise, courtesy of mentorship from experienced TDF professionals. This mentorship is not only about advice, but also about facilitating a critical introduction to potential investors at the much-anticipated summit, thereby increasing their prospects of securing critical funding.

Startups included in the accelerator will gain unique access to TDF’s extensive network, including banks, financial services and a host of fintech companies. This network is crucial for startups to take the next growth leap and significantly expand their operations.

Jaini further elaborated that around ten startups would form the inaugural batch, receive personalized mentoring from TDF’s leading advisory team and also have the opportunity to showcase their products and solutions at the summit to a number of investors. This event could serve as a springboard to secure investments from seed to Series A funding.

TDF’s accelerator program is set to encourage India’s rapidly growing cadre of start-up companies in the BFSI segment. Since its inception in 2017, TDF has carved a niche as an advisory force for a spectrum of financial institutions including banks, non-banking financial companies (NBFCs), wealth management services, mutual funds and insurance.

With fintech startups in India securing over USD 2 billion in funding across around 125 deals in the previous year alone, and the total value of the fintech sector expected to reach USD 150 billion by 2025, TDF’s accelerator program is strategically placed to contribute to this growth trajectory. by supporting the next wave of fintech innovators.

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