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Have you seen the viral pictures of Dominic West and Lily James? Dominic West is an actor and is now gaining attention in the United States and Canada due to his viral image with his wife Lily James. The write-up will teach us the true story of the viral Dominic West and Lily James Pics. So, if you want to get more details, keep reading the following information.

Dominic West and Lily James Pics- See details here-

Dominic West and Lily James are still married four years after they were spotted in an intimate photo shoot. The famous actor discussed how the unusual event turned out for his loved ones in an appearance with the Times of London. Dominic West has spoken out following the release of pictures from 2020 in which he was allegedly seen kissing Lily James.

The Affair actor has opened up about the ridiculous circumstances surrounding Dominic West and Lily James’ PDA. At the same time, she was married to someone else, almost four years after the photos first appeared. The Wire veteran, who most recently played Prince Charles in The Crown, spoke about the parallels he felt playing a character whose private life was exposed in an interview with The Sunday Times. This news was posted on Reddit.

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How upset were Dominic West and Catherine Fitzgerald about Lilly James’ act?

Dominic West talks about those photos of himself and Lily James. After pictures of the couple in Rome sparked controversy three-and-a-half years ago, The Crown star has reflected on how he and wife Catherine FitzGerald have handled the publicity. In October 2020, Dominik and Lily, who appeared in The Pursuit of Love, were seen getting intimate on a scooter while dining and sightseeing together in Rome.

After the photos were widely distributed on the Internet, Dominic and Catherine demonstrated their unity by publishing a message saying that we are still together and our marriage is strong and shared a kiss with the press.

In a Reddit post, Dominic West discusses his wife Catherine Fitzgerald’s reaction to the Lily James kissing controversy.

What about Dominic West Lily James Picture?

What about Dominic West Lily James Picture
What about Dominic West Lily James Picture

West is referring to pictures released in October 2020 showing him in Rome without his wedding ring alongside his Pursuit of Love co-star James. The latest leaked pictures have gone viral showing their closeted intimacy. They were seen riding scooters together and enjoying lunch.

The two filmed a location version of Nancy Mitford’s beloved novel «The Pursuit of Love» for the BBC. They acted like father and daughter for the task.

FitzGerald and West had two boys and two children together. «It was a terrible circumstance,» West continued. My wife and my children were experiencing severe stress. However, there were also happy moments.

How did the images of Dominic West and Lily James affect Dominic’s married life?

According to an eyewitness who spoke to ET, when the photos went viral, the couple stood outside their house for two to three minutes for pictures for five photographers and a reporter. Years later, West revealed that although the circumstances were challenging, they can now laugh about it. It was horrible, especially for my wife, so I hesitate to speak for her. We joke about it sometimes.

Since the papers always said we «showed unity» whenever we went out together, after their appearance as a family at the world premiere of season 5 of The Crown in November 2022, the two remained side by side.

About Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald-

About Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald
About Dominic West and Catherine FitzGerald

Irish aristocrat Catherine FitzGerald, a scenery developer, and West meet at Trinity College, Dublin, when they were both undergraduates. However, FitzGerald went ahead and married the 7th Earl of Durham in 1995. After her divorce in 2002, she rekindled her romance with West and the two married in 2007. They married on 26 June 2010 at her ancestral home, Castle Glin, County Limerick, where she previously had a daughter, Dora, and a son, Senan.

The media frenzy in 2020 after pictures emerged of ‘The Crown’ actor kissing his former co-star Lily James has taught Dominic West and his wife Catherine FitzGerald to laugh at themselves.

Naturally, the images sparked rumors of an on-site romance, putting West – a married father of five – in a difficult situation. In a recent interview, the actor recognized how «obviously terrible» conditions were for FitzGerald and their family.

James and West, who starred together in BBC One’s The Pursuit of Love, were photographed by paparazzi in Italy almost four years ago. From several photos, it appeared that West was kissing and hugging James’ neck during the private meal.

The article reveals that Dominic West admits that his wife and family found Dominic West and Lily James Pics terrible. Click here.

During the release, FitzGerald and West held an unscheduled press conference at their English home to discuss the state of their relationship. This was an unusual move from West. West noted that FitzGerald and he were amused by the tense attention that followed a press conference these days.

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