Dorsey leaves Bluesky, tech giants do more with less and the next IPO

What news Jack Dorsey is out at Bluesky caused a stir this weekend. After all, Dorsey is the former co-founder and CEO of Twitter, so his investment of time in the competing social network carried weight. The decentralized social networking service said it is looking for a new board member.

But while we got to talk about Dorsey’s latest equity news today, that wasn’t the only topic we talked about. After a busy earnings week ahead, we also did some research the latest employment news related to Chinese technology giants. Like many big American tech stores, they are laying off staff. Tech shops around the world are showing they can do more with less.

Sticking to China, the country is ready to deliver another IPO, this time in the United States. Momenta could raise up to $300 million in its debut, meaning its upcoming listing will carry real weight. (More about Momenta here.)

And finally we looked new capital that the US government is investing in digital twinsand why alternative clouds are really thriving but could encounter growth spurts over time. Equity returns on Wednesday — we’ll talk to you then!

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