DVD Righteous Gemstones: Unearth Comedy Gold

Get ready to add a gem to your collection as HBO’s hit comedy series «The Fair Gems» hits DVD on April 14th. Starring the incomparable John Goodman and the talented Edi Patterson, this dark comedy won the hearts of viewers with its irreverent humor and satirical look at a televangelist family.

The Gem Family Saga

HBO’s «Righteous Gems» follows the story of the Gem family, a world-renowned clan of televangelists with a long tradition of deviance, greed and charity work, all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. John Goodman shines as Eli Gemstone, the family patriarch struggling to keep his dysfunctional family in line while expanding their religious empire.

Edi Patterson steals the show as Judy Gemstone, the outspoken and sassy daughter desperate to prove her worth in the male-dominated family business. Her performance is both hilarious and poignant, providing insight into the complexities of family dynamics in the world of televangelism.

Righteous Gemstones DVD: A must for fansFair Gems

For fans of the series, the DVD release is the perfect opportunity to relive the series’ most memorable moments. The DVD not only contains all the episodes from the first season, but also offers a lot of special features. Deleted scenes, outtakes and behind-the-scenes footage are just some of the extras that make this DVD a valuable addition to any collection.

Why you should own itFair Gems

Owning the DVD gives you the freedom to watch «Justice Gems» anytime, without the need for streaming services. Additionally, the special features included are often not available elsewhere, providing an exclusive look at the production of the show. It’s a tangible piece of entertainment history from HBO, a network known for its high quality production.

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DVD Righteous Gemstones: The Cast and Crew

The series isn’t just a vehicle for the comedic talents of John Goodman and Edi Patterson; it also boasts an ensemble of great actors, including Danny McBride, who is also the creator of the show. The chemistry of the cast is palpable, ensuring an engaging and entertaining viewing experience now immortalized on DVD.


The DVD release of HBO’s «Righteous Gemstones» is an event you don’t want to miss. Mark your calendars for April 14th and get ready to enjoy the antics of the Gemstone family over and over again. Whether you’re a fan of John Goodman, Edi Patterson, or just love a good comedy, this DVD is a must have.

Be sure to grab your copy and join the gems on their heavenly – and often hilariously hellish – adventures. Who knows? Maybe you’ll feel a little more righteous with each watch.

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