Erin is a teacher whose husband was once the shadow education minister. Now she’s in big trouble because of what she said about Palestine at school

The wife of a NSW frontbencher, who works as a teacher, has been reprimanded by the Education Department for her pro-Palestinian activism at a public school.

Australia’s Sky News anchor Sharri Markson reported that Erin Dib, whose husband is NSW Emergency Services Minister Jihad Dib, told a meeting of the online group Teachers 4 Palestine on Friday that she had been spoken to three times in one week because of her activism.

Mr Dib is a former shadow education minister and was headmaster of Punchbowl High School from 2007 to 2014 before taking office at the 2015 state election.

The Department for Education said a teacher at the publicly funded Burwood Girls High School v Sydney was given a «consultation» last year about communicating about the conflict in the Middle East while she was in employment.

Ms Dib is said to be part of a small group of teachers planning to protest outside the offices of Premier Anthony Albanese, NSW Premier Chris Minns and Education Minister Jason Clare on Friday.

Teacher Erin Dib, wife of NSW Emergency Services Minister Jihad Dib, claims she was disciplined by the Department of Education for her pro-Palestinian activism at school.

In many countries, including Australia, there has been an increase in political activism regarding Palestine following the 7 October terrorist attacks by Hamas against Israel and the subsequent retaliation by the Israeli government.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education told Daily Mail Australia: “Teachers are expected to be politically neutral during class, on school grounds or whenever they identify as a NSW public school teacher.

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«We provide clear guidance to all our employees in this Code of Conduct.»

It is understood the headteacher of Burwood Girls High School has apologized to parents, students and staff for unauthorized political activism.

The Department of Education also offers support in the form of counseling services to students who may be affected by the conflict.

The Teachers 4 Palestine NSW Instagram page has posts encouraging teachers to wear the traditional Palestinian keffeiyah to class to show their support.

Mr Dib has previously expressed his support for the Palestinians, who largely occupy the disputed territories of Gaza and the West Bank.

Other posts encourage teachers to take part in protests calling on Labor to show support for Palestine and encourage «block the ship» protests aimed at disrupting Israeli shipping from Port Botany.

The group also produced t-shirts and an information booklet with instructions for teachers and school staff on how to be politically active in the conflict.

The group’s Facebook page also posted an event for January 26 at Belmore Park in Sydney.

‘Join teachers and school staff for Palestine as part of the Palestinian contingent at the Invasion Day Rally, 2024. We will have posters and our t-shirts available on the day.’

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