Everton could demand a THIRD trial in their bid to overturn a Premier League record 10-point deduction earlier this season if their appeal fails next month

Everton could seek a third trial in their battle to overturn the Premier League’s 10-point deduction for breaching spending limits if their appeal fails next month.

Mail Sport has learned that under Premier League rules, clubs have the right to challenge the appeal decision in an arbitration hearing, although Everton would face significant hurdles in trying to get the two verdicts overturned.

Everton received the biggest points penalty in Premier League history when an independent panel found them guilty of breaching profit and sustainability rules last November, a decision the club condemned as «totally unreasonable» as it immediately appealed.

A separate independent panel will meet next month to hear Everton’s appeal, with a verdict expected in a fortnight.

Everton will have the option of taking the matter to arbitration if they are unhappy with the result, which they may feel compelled to do given the strength of feeling among their fans.

Everton could seek a third court in their bid to overturn their 10-point deduction

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Any challenge to the appeal would be heard by a single arbitrator rather than a three-judge panel, with both parties having to agree on the identity of the arbitrator.

Premier League rules state that Everton must submit their intention to go to arbitration within two days of receiving the appeal verdict.

A third and final hearing would then take place within days.

The Premier League was widely criticized by clubs last season for failing to close disciplinary proceedings against Everton before the end of the campaign after they were charged in March.

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The Premier League tried to speed up the process but was blocked by an independent commission, which supported Everton’s submission that there was insufficient time to hear the case.

Premier League rules state that Everton must submit their intention to go to arbitration within two days of receiving the appeal verdict


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In response, the Premier League clarified its rules and introduced fast-track procedures, which ironically led to Everton being charged again along with Nottingham Forest earlier this week, raising the prospect of the club being punished twice in the same season.

The Premier League has pledged that all hearings, appeals and any arbitration will be concluded by June 6.

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