Father Shani Louk says family ‘relieved’ her body recovered: ‘At least we have some closure’

  • The IDF found the bodies of Louka, 22, Itzhak Gelerenter, 53, and Amit Buskil, 28
  • All were killed by Hamas on October 7 at the SuperNova festival

Shani Louk’s father called the discovery of her body a «relief» as he invited Israelis to attend her funeral on Sunday.

The Israel Defense Forces announced on Friday that they had found the body of the 22-year-old, as well as the remains of Itzhak Gelerenter, 53, and Amit Buskila, 28.

The German-Israeli woman was among 364 people killed at the SuperNova festival she attended with her boyfriend.

The IDF said Buskila and Gelerenter were also killed at the October 7 festival.

Nissim Louk said: “This morning we were informed that there were commando soldiers in the area and they found the bodies and the condition of the body was really good.

Nissim Louk, Shani Louk’s father, called the discovery of her body a «relief» as he invited Israelis to attend her funeral on Sunday.

“It was in a relatively deep place in a deep tunnel and very cold, so the physical condition is really good.

The IDF said on Friday X: “Our soldiers recovered their bodies overnight and brought them back home to Israel.

“We will continue the operation to bring all our hostages home. May their memories be a blessing.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also responded to the discovery of the bodies by saying: ‘We will return all our hostages, alive and dead.’

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