Flipkart unveils new policy for price lists to improve seller experience


E-commerce giant Flipkart has introduced a revised price list policy aimed at improving the clarity and efficiency of its market operations. Changes effective May 18, 2024 include a simplified pricing structure, revised fulfillment rates, and updates to shipping policies.

Rakesh Krishnan, Vice President and Head of Marketplace at Flipkart, explained the rationale behind this initiative: “By reducing complexity and providing clearer settlements, we aim to make doing business on Flipkart seamless and more rewarding. This redesign of the price list is part of Flipkart’s broader initiative to streamline operations and provide robust support to our extensive dealer network across India.”

Earlier, Flipkart’s price list had four components – fixed, commission, collection and shipping – which has now been simplified to just two: fixed and commission. According to the company, this change increases settlement transparency for sellers and simplifies the overall business process.

Under the updated policy, shipments weighing less than 500 grams will not be charged additional fees within local and zone regions. However, there will be a surcharge for domestic shipping and categories over 500 grams. Flipkart also highlighted more economical fulfillment rates and highlighted the benefits for sellers.

«Fulfillment by Flipkart (FBF) is a one-stop solution that handles a seller’s shipping needs under one roof,» the company explained. «FBF effectively manages the entire fulfillment process, from product storage to expert packaging and shipping to customers.»

Flipkart aims to level the playing field for sellers through a new policy. «Overall, the policy aims to promote equitable growth by offering transparent fee structures to sellers,» Flipkart said.

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To help sellers understand the impact of these revisions, Flipkart has implemented an education strategy. The company is committed to supporting its extensive dealer network through this transformative pricing policy.

Earlier developments at Flipkart include co-founder Binny Bansal stepping down from the board to focus on his new venture, OppDoor. The company also saw the departure of four executives, indicating a period of strategic transformation within the organization.

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