Footy announcer proves he’s ‘finally a good guy’ after Bunnings disaster

  • Gerard Whateley Proves He’s ‘Finally a Good Guy’
  • Handsome announcer crashes into another car at Bunnings
  • He waited two hours before speaking to the other car owner

Gerard Whateley has been branded a ‘perfect good guy’ after revealing his role in the Bunnings car park encounter.

The footballer, who presents AFL 360 on Fox Footy, told how he hit another car on a trip to the shops.

However, he decided to wait two hours in the parking lot for the owner to return and exchange details.

«I can’t believe you sat there for two hours, that’s the best test of a good guy,» Collingwood legend Nathan Buckley said on Whateley’s SEN on Tuesday.

«Why didn’t you just leave a message?» Didn’t you think of that?’

Gerard Whateley was described as «the perfect good guy»

Whateley said he never considered leaving a note at the time.

«It was a complete moral dilemma. Because I’m sitting there going, what’s it going to look like when I leave,» he said.

“I slipped in and did the shopping I had to do. It’s going to be really bad if I’m missing here. I didn’t think to grab a pencil and paper from Bunnings and put it on the windscreen.’


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