Freshleaf provides Rs. 1 million in seed funding led by Inflection Point Ventures

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Freshleaf, an innovative tea brand, today announced the successful close of a seed funding round, securing an impressive Rs. 1 million crowns. Led by Inflection Point Ventures (IPV), the funding marks a pivotal moment for Freshleaf as it prepares to revolutionize the tea industry.

Founded in 2022, Freshleaf has quickly caught the attention of tea enthusiasts with its diverse offering that blends tradition with innovation. With a vision to transform the tea drinking experience, the brand offers a unique range of traditional and sparkling teas, starting from Rs.130. Boasting 18 different products, Freshleaf has built its presence in 550 stores across 40 cities in India.

The infusion of capital from IPV will drive Freshleaf towards its ambitious goals, as outlined by Balkirat Singh, co-founder and CEO of Freshleaf. Singh expressed his excitement about the partnership with IPV and highlighted its potential to redefine tea consumption habits. “Our partnership with IPV is a clear indication of what we can achieve together. We are trying to reimagine how tea is enjoyed and every sip is a blend of tradition and innovation,” said Singh.

Muneet Arora, co-founder and CMO of Freshleaf, echoed Singh’s sentiments and emphasized the brand’s commitment to push boundaries and deliver unmatched taste and convenience. “We are pushing the boundaries with unique blends that excite today’s consumer, provide convenience and exceptional taste,” Arora noted.

The infusion of funds will be allocated to strategic initiatives, including marketing efforts, strengthening manufacturing capacity, advancing research and development, and strengthening the brand’s presence in modern retail, fast-paced and international markets.

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Vikram Ramasubramanian, Partner at IPV, expressed confidence in Freshleaf’s trajectory and emphasized the brand’s alignment with IPV’s values. “Freshleaf perfectly aligns with our commitment to support innovative businesses that prioritize quality and health. Freshleaf’s unique approach to producing premium teas combined with health benefits presents an exciting opportunity for us to contribute to a startup that is set to redefine the tea industry,” noted Ramasubramanian.

IPV, an angel investment platform comprising more than 14,000 CXOs, HNIs and professionals, is known for its strategic investments in emerging startups. The launch of the $50 million CAT 2 AIF, Physis Capital, further underscores IPV’s commitment to supporting growth-stage startups from Pre-Series A to Series B.

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