Frontier Airlines passenger forced to deboard entire flight after refusing to comply with exit row instructions

A Frontier Airlines passenger forced the entire flight to deboard after she refused to comply with instructions to the exit row.

A video of the incident, posted on TikTok by Travel with Tia, shows the unidentified woman visibly upset with airline staff as fellow passengers begged her to get off the plane.

The woman continued to insist that she would not leave and was eventually escorted away by officers at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina.

When she was removed, all passengers on board disembarked while she was taken away in a police car.

Passengers seated in an exit row are required by the FAA to read the instructions and verbally comply with the physical duties to assist others in an emergency.

An angry Frontier Airlines passenger (left) refused to get off the plane after she disobeyed exit row instructions and fought with staff

It is not clear when exactly this happened, but a video of the incident was released on the 9th. has contacted Frontier Airlines and Charlotte Douglas International Airport for confirmation.

TikToker, Travel With Tia, who recorded the fight, explained what happened during the altercation.

«This lady, when she first got on the plane and recognized the exit row, she said, ‘Oh, I’m not going to save anybody. If something happens, I will save myself,” she said.

“That was her attitude throughout the settlement process. And I already knew something was going to snap when she had that attitude.’

Video of the dramatic incident shows a woman wearing black glasses starting to argue with a flight attendant.

The passenger says, «Yeah, he’s talking to me – what’s the problem?» as he points to another flight attendant.

He asks the other flight attendant: ‘Because he doesn’t want to tell us his name?’ as the airline worker tries to talk to her.

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As she places her drink on the floor of the plane, the flight attendant says, ‘If it’s going to be a problem-‘ before the woman cuts her off.

‘Problem? What’s the problem?’ as the flight attendant explains what is expected of them in the exit row.

‘We don’t have a problem with that. We understand that we have to help people off the plane and help Betty White if something happens,” the passenger replies, pointing to the other flight attendant.

Passengers laugh in the background as the woman repeats, “What’s the problem? We made a deal.’

The flight attendant leaves and the passenger continues: “You’re wasting your breath. Are they going to get the plane off the ground?’

The passenger then puts his phone on the ground and mumbles, «Put my damn face out,» picks up the snack and turns to the other flight attendant.

“Did you ask her to agree? You’re not doing your job,” the passenger says as the employee places her hand in front of the passenger’s face.

«You better get out of my face, Betty,» the passenger said as she opened the snack.

The two then exchange more words before the Frontier usher leaves.

The passenger begins to enjoy her meal as people around her laugh and look around the plane.

“Girl, are you related? No,” the woman says before another employee approaches her.

With a piece of paper in hand, an airline employee tries to speak to the distraught woman, saying: ‘They said you weren’t listening-.’

The passenger interrupts her and says, ‘The lady came and asked us, we have witnesses, we all agreed!’

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The employee then waves the flight attendant over as the passenger adds, “Yeah, because we all agreed. Anyone can witness that.”

«And my grandson is getting out of school and his mom flew to Mexico and I’m not getting off this plane,» the passenger continues before the captain announces something over the loudspeaker.

Another clip then shows the angry passenger raising her voice at a member of staff and saying: ‘No, no, my grandson is four and he’s at school.’

The employee then makes his way to the front of the plane while the angry woman continues to fight and remains in her seat.

The captain then goes back on the speaker and says, “Ladies and gentlemen, we’re on our way in a moment, we have to take care of this problem. Law enforcement will arrive.»

The passenger then chats with others around him and says, ‘He’s lying!’

The clip shows another Frontier employee, dressed in a neon green shirt and dark hat, approaching the passenger.

«I’m going to ask you nicely again to get off, if you don’t we’ll get off the plane and the police will come and escort you,» he says.

Now with her cell phone to her ear, the distraught passenger says she will call her lawyer.

“Because we did nothing wrong and they asked us to agree and we did. We have a whole crew, a crew, a whole crew,” he says, pointing to the people around him.

«Ma’am, I understand, but we’ll talk about it outside,» the employee replies.

“But what are we disembarking—my grandson is in Texas, and he gets out of school at three o’clock.

«That’s fine, I understand, but we need to get off the plane to talk about this,» says the employee.

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With the phone still to her ear, the woman says, “Sir, no, that’s not legal. I’ll call my lawyer,” as the employee leaves.

The pilot then gets to her seat and tries to talk to her.

She was eventually escorted off the plane by police officers in handcuffs as angry passengers looked on from inside the airport after they disembarked.

She was eventually escorted off the plane by police officers in handcuffs as angry passengers looked on from inside the airport after they disembarked.

«You’re bothering everyone else,» the pilot told her as fellow passengers became rowdy.

The pilot and the disgruntled passenger continue to exchange words and he points towards the front of the plane.

Before long, another passenger, dressed in a denim jacket with pearls, approaches the woman and tries to tell her to get off the plane.

«You’ll have to book another flight,» the passenger told her.

The angry woman replies, «But my grandson!»

Another upset passenger chimes in, «You’re not going to get there anyway and neither are we if you don’t get off,» as the others agree.

More passengers begin to stand up and try to talk the woman out of the plane while the woman remains in her seat.

Finally, two police officers walk down the aisle and approach the raging passenger.

He asks the pilot, «Are you arresting me?»

«I’m a pilot,» he replies as the cops intervene.

The final clip shows frustrated passengers heading back to the airport as a woman is seen exiting the plane in handcuffs, accompanied by several police officers.

The video ends with her being led to a police car on the runway as they check her belongings.

It is unclear if the other passengers got back on the plane and made it to their destination. It is also unclear whether the woman has been charged.

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