Full October 7 ‘genocide’ video: Civilians are killed and maimed, terrified families rounded up like cattle and Hamas terrorists ring proud parents to brag about atrocities in footage Israel submits to ICJ

This is the horrifying footage of innocent civilians killed and maimed by Hamas terrorists that Israel has submitted to the International Court of Justice.

MailOnline has exclusively obtained the sickening video as judges are due to hand down an interim ruling on Israel’s alleged genocide in The Hague on Friday.

It shows terrified Jewish families rounded up like cattle and Palestinian extremists ringing their parents to brag about committing atrocities on October 7.

South Africa filed a case to call for an immediate halt to the invasion of Gaza earlier this month, claiming that some 25,000 people had been killed.

Israel responded by presenting the footage to argue that it was itself the victim of attempted genocide and had the right to defend itself.

But international observers question the scale of the response in Gaza, which has displaced more than 80 percent of the population, reduced cities to rubble and created a humanitarian disaster.

The footage showed the raw fear of Israeli civilians held by Hamas during the October 7 invasion

Israeli civilians were taken off the street and driven back into Gaza

A man is seen with injuries amid the Hamas invasion of southern Israel late last year (left). Another declares his innocence as Hamas terrorists drag him away

About 240 hostages were taken back to Gaza after Hamas struck southern Israel

The world watched in horror as a video emerged of Noa Argamani, 26, sitting on a motorbike and shouting «Don’t kill me» at the men around her.

The graphic footage is 7.10 minutes to the date of the massacre and consists mostly of CCTV and footage broadcast by Hamas from its own body cameras.

The opening recounts how more than 3,000 militants «attacked Israel from land, sea and air» in more than 20 communities near the border and at the Nova music festival in Re’im.

It said Hamas «killed, tortured, raped, burned alive and mutilated more than 1,200 people, including infants, children, the elderly and the disabled, and abducted over 250 people to Gaza.»

The footage then shows the jihadists throwing explosives and shouting «Allahu Akbar» as they breached the border fence on the morning of October 7.

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Titled ‘Invasion’, they are seen speeding into Israel in pick-up trucks and firing rocket-propelled grenades at civilian cars.

One motorist is shot dead on the spot, while the other is seen sprinting away from the terrorists before being shot, his blood staining the pavement below red.

Many of the images are too graphic to publish, including one of a crazed extremist beheading a civilian with a shovel.

Young Israelis at the Nova music festival are seen dancing at sunrise, oblivious to the hand-held Hamas gliders towering over them.

The footage then moves to a scene titled ‘murder’, which shows the rampage of terror in the kibbutzim.

Bodycam footage shows terrorists shooting unarmed civilians in their own homes and capturing mothers and their children.

A terrorist gleefully sets fire to a property in one clip before a dog is seen running towards the militant in another where it is brutally shot dead.

A Hamas man set fire to an Israeli residence during the October 7 attack

The edited video shows a Hamas fighter shooting a dog during the October 7 attack

The clip showed the gunman brandishing his AK-47 assault rifle ordering a pair of Israelis driving slowly down the road to stop their car.

The gunman immediately starts peppering the car with bullets in the body camera clip

The aftermath of the attack by Hamas gunmen on the Supernova music festival, October 9

Gunmen in a pickup truck entered southern Israel in October to kill civilians and take hostages

CCTV footage showed gunmen in Israel dragging the body and throwing it into the back of a car

The video skips to the aftermath, where men, women, children and pets lie dead in blood-stained homes ravaged by terrorists.

Piles and piles of bullet-riddled bodies can be seen at the Nova festival, along with the distraught, blood-stained faces of those who managed to escape and witnessed unspeakable horrors.

Terrorists shoot into rows of portable toilets, killing anyone crouching inside in camera footage they proudly broadcast to the world.

First responders arrive at the bloody scene and frantically search for signs of life – but there are none.

All that remained were the seemingly endless twisted corpses of young men and women. The victims fell where only a few hours before they had danced at the festival of peace and love.

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Drone footage shows dozens of cars strewn across roads after terrorists ambushed those trying to flee in the vehicles.

An audio clip is played of a Hamas militant calling his father to brag: “Dad, I’m talking to you from a Jewish woman’s phone. I killed her and her husband. I killed 10 people with my own hands!”

She pleads with her father to ‘open WhatsApp and see how I killed’ before adding: ‘Get your mum’.

The most disturbing scenes are called ‘mutilation’ and ‘brutally raped and burned’.

They show women’s bodies with huge gashes pulled from their limbs and their underwear stripped.

Israeli festival-goers could be seen dancing in the desert at dawn on Saturday, unaware that within minutes members of the militant group Hamas were about to descend from the sky to wreak terror.

In the footage, first posted on TikTok, revelers appeared oblivious to the looming terror hovering hundreds of feet above their heads in the distance.

Paratroopers armed with rifles flew into southern Israel on October 7 last year

According to the Israeli military, Hamas fighters bypassed Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip by paragliding (pictured: paraglider flying into Israel)

It cuts to the charred remains of those burned alive in their cars trying to flee the onslaught, and to haunting footage of a man whose head has been severed.

«Sexual Violence, Mutilation and Torture» shows multiple attempts at beheading, burning bodies and sexual violence.

The final scene of «Kidnapping to Gaza» shows a terrified Noa Argamani, 26, screaming «don’t kill me» as she is taken to Gaza on a motorbike.

Shiri Bibas, 34, can be seen holding her two red-haired babies, Kfir, then nine months, and Ariel, four, as they are bundled into a jeep. They have not been heard from since.

Hamas gunmen parade the body of 22-year-old German-Israeli Shani Louk into the war-torn area, where he is spat on by locals shouting «Allahu Akbar».

Nineteen-year-old Naama Levy is seen in blood-stained pyjamas, dragged by her hair and loaded into a four-wheel-drive car in Gaza by gun-toting extremists.

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The video states: “More than 130 hostages are still being held in Gaza, including babies, the elderly and the sick.

“Some of the hostages were executed. Others are being tortured, according to the testimony of the released hostages.”

He ends by showing pictures of Israeli victims and hostages still held by Hamas.

The 17-member jury is due to deliver its decision at midday tomorrow (Fri).

In the original judgment, the ICJ will not address the main question of whether Israel is committing genocide. The court will only deal with possible emergency measures, meant as a type of injunction, while the court will deal with the whole case, which usually takes years.

South Africa has pointed to the scale of destruction Israel has caused in Gaza since October 7, with the Hamas-run health ministry saying around 25,000 Gazans have died.

It also points to the disturbing language used by Israel’s political and military leaders, with some calling for the territory to «become a tent city» with «no buildings».

But Israel says the invasion is a targeted military operation to disarm and neutralize the Hamas threat, with civilian casualties blamed on the terror group’s use of families as human shields and its vast network of underground tunnels.

It said the IDF made extraordinary efforts to avoid civilian casualties and adhere to the principles of international humanitarian law, including using leaflets, phone calls, text messages and military tactics to warn civilians to evacuate.

South Africa has a long history with the Palestinian cause, President Cyril Ramaphosa stated: “Our opposition to the ongoing slaughter of people in Gaza has made us as a country move closer to the ICJ.

«As people who once tasted the bitter fruits of dispossession, discrimination, racism and state-sponsored violence, we are clear that we will stand on the right side of history.»

The Israeli military said the footage showed a Hamas gunman firing into the toilets. It was unclear if anyone was in the portal

Dramatic bodycam footage shows the khaki-clad terror squad as they ride motorbikes in a convoy on October 7

Hamas gunmen force a man into a car and taunt him during their terror campaign

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