Furious Eagles fan throws bucket of POPCORN at coach Nick Sirianni after Philadelphia’s humiliating 32-9 NFL playoff loss to Tampa Bay

After an embarrassing wild-card loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a Philadelphia Eagles fan made his feelings known by throwing a bucket of popcorn at coach Nick Sirianni.

Eagles fans’ frustration reached a breaking point after a 9-32 season-ending loss at Tampa Bay.

The viral clip showed a disappointed fan throwing popcorn from the stands down at Sirianni as he and the team walked towards the tunnel after the game.

The fan is wearing a black Haason Redick jersey and an Eagles hat. While the clip doesn’t show if the popcorn hit the target, the looks on the faces of the players pulling Sirianni portrayed their disgust.

In the same clip, other fans surrounding him can be heard repeatedly shouting: ‘You’re done Nick.’

Disappointed Eagles fan throws bucket of popcorn at Nick Sirianni after wild card loss

Fans have called for Sirianni’s sacking as the team has lost five of its last six games this season

Stadium security quickly intervened as they climbed into the stands to confront the fan.

«You’re not going anywhere, take it here,» the employee says.

The perpetrator did not appear to want to leave the scene as he slowly walked up the stairs that led to the exit. Meanwhile, fans of both teams seemed shocked by what they witnessed.

«Hey, better hurry,» the person behind the camera urged him shortly before security caught up with the fan.

Whether or not the fan faced consequences for his act of hostility remains in question.

The Buccaneers beat the Eagles 32-9 in a wild-card game to end the season on Monday

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Tampa Bay will face the Detroit Lions in the divisional playoffs on Sunday night

The Eagles got off to a great start to the regular season, going 10-1 in their first 11 games. However, things turned sour as they lost five of their last six outings and fans blamed Sirianni.

Their season finale was especially disappointing after a 27–10 loss to the struggling New York Giants. The Eagles were scoreless in the first half.

With an 11-6 record, Philadelphia clinched second place in the NFC East before being eliminated in the first round.

The Buccaneers outgained the Eagles in most stats, gaining 426 total yards to Philadelphia’s 276. The Bucs also lead in total possessions 69-53 and first downs 23-13 while controlling nearly 35 minutes of possession.

The Buccaneers will face the Detroit Lions in the divisional round on Sunday.

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