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«Permanent makeup» is a word we’ve all come across. While the idea of ​​never removing makeup from your face has raised eyebrows in a few circles, others have been intrigued enough to explore it. Reducing the number of hours we spend in front of the mirror is something many women enjoy, especially on those busy mornings.

It’s time to save those fifteen minutes you spend filling in your brows and delegate them to other important things. Need more convincing? Let’s consider the pros and cons of permanent makeup (microblading):


Microblading is a technique that will improve the appearance of your eyebrows. The pigment is drawn onto your skin in gentle strokes that resemble hair. This is done with a blade. If you are going for permanent eyebrow makeup, you might be convinced by these ideas:

It is comfortable to walk in the morning without having to worry about your appearance. For this reason, eyebrow microblading is the best solution for busy and older women who do not want to put so much effort into how they look, either because they have things to do or they feel that the hours spent in the mirror have long passed.

Have you ever repeatedly snoozed your alarm because you want to sleep in an extra thirty minutes, but when you wake up, you’re already behind on your morning schedule? You rush to the bathroom, get dressed, and are ready to head out the door when you remember you didn’t wear makeup!

If only you had a little time to groom your eyebrows and wear that lipstick, you’d be happier! Since you have no choice, you have to go back to the mirror and spend more time on it. Microblading will help you save time. You won’t have to worry about all these elements darkening your morning.

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Raccoon eyes are a thing of the past. Imagine you’re going about your day, then you look in your car mirror and see that your eyebrows are blurry! Or maybe you accidentally wiped one of your eyebrows! With permanent makeup, you don’t have to worry about that! It will help you say goodbye to smudging, wiping and smudging.

  • Tailored to your preferences

Permanent make-up and your eyebrows look exactly the way you want! Permanent makeup comes in a variety of colors, types, and thicknesses. No matter how specific you want to be, you’ll find something to suit you.

We know very well that looking good also means feeling good. If you’re self-conscious about your eyebrows, you won’t feel comfortable or confident during the day. But knowing that your brows are right will add another layer of confidence and do wonders for your self-esteem.


Having the right information before deciding on permanent makeup is essential. If you’re wondering if there are any concerns that come with permanent makeup, here’s what you should consider:

Once you’ve decided on microblading, you won’t have the luxury of second-guessing it. Since the make-up is «permanent», it does not rub off. Before you get a tattoo, make sure you want it and love it. Don’t do it right away, but carefully consider your decision.

If you have a low pain threshold, you may struggle during the process. But that’s nothing your professional can’t put your mind at ease. Anesthetics will help keep you comfortable during and after the procedure.

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Microblading is not a cheap procedure. Since you will end up with permanent makeup, it’s important to do your research beforehand to see if you can afford it. Determine how much you will pay for the consultation, the procedure and after medication (if any) and allow yourself enough time to put the money together.

  • You may have to repeat the process for years in a row

Even permanent tattoos take years to fade, so you may need to repeat the microblading procedure after a few years to improve the look of your brows. Consider keeping some money in the bank for this purpose.

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