Generative AI poised to save Indian workers 51 million hours a week by 2026: Pearson report


Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is set to revolutionize the Indian workplace, potentially saving workers 51 million hours a week by 2026, according to new research from leading education company Pearson. The findings are part of the latest in Pearson’s Skills Outlook series, titled «Get the Clock: How Generative Artificial Intelligence Can Power People at Work.»

The report projects significant time savings in various countries, including Australia, Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States, with India standing out for its significant potential gains. Pearson’s GenAI-based workforce planning platform has found that AI technology can most effectively streamline tasks related to record maintenance, data collection, and information compilation, allowing businesses and employees to focus on high-value, human-centered work.

«Employers should consider how to incorporate this new technology into their teams and reshape roles so people can focus on more valuable, human tasks,» said Oliver Latham, vice president of strategy and growth at Pearson Workforce Skills. This shift is expected to not only increase productivity but also improve job satisfaction by reducing mundane and repetitive tasks.

Pearson’s analysis included assessing the current weekly hours spent on various work tasks in different countries and forecasting the impact of increased adoption of GenAI by 2026. The research highlights specific tasks in India that are expected to benefit the most from GenAI, including product promotion and collection give. to consumer needs, developing marketing materials, identifying business opportunities and explaining technical details of products or services.

In particular, the report states that LLM chatbots and AI text-to-visual media generators will play a critical role in these improvements. These technologies are designed to handle common queries, generate content and create visual aids, significantly reducing the time employees spend on these activities.

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Latham stressed the importance of providing employees with adequate training and support to ensure effective and responsible use of GenAI. «It is crucial for employers to invest in the necessary training and support to help their workforce adapt to these changes and take full advantage of generative AI,» he added.

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