Google’s new startup program is focused on introducing artificial intelligence into public infrastructure

Google’s latest startup program, announced Wednesday, aims to bring AI technology to the public sector. Newly launched «Google for Startups AI Academy: American infrastructure” will offer attendees hands-on training of AI experts and other support for companies solving problems in areas such as agriculture, energy, education, public safety, healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, urban development and more.

Over the course of twelve weeks, startups participating in the equity-free program will be guided through an artificial intelligence curriculum developed by Google People + Artificial Intelligence Research (PAR) team and will participate in advanced workshops on sales and market entry. They’ll also be able to access industry connections and, of course, use Google’s AI tools as they build.

Startups that complete the program will then be part of it former students community that already includes other infrastructure-focused companies such as JustAirwhich uses AI to monitor air pollution; Cambio, which focuses on the decarbonization of commercial real estate; and Sensagratwhich works to reduce traffic fatalities.

Google he says will select startups that use AI to increase productivity and solve problems in a range of industries, including not only the above, but also disaster prevention, environment and sustainability, smart manufacturing and logistics, public safety, water management, workforce development and the opportunity economy.

Deadline for applications is June 17.

While much of the focus is on AI companies that build models, tools and interfaces to work with AI, the focus on real-world applications of the technology could impact communities at the local, state and national levels, Google believes. The company encourages startups to apply even if they are not directly aimed at these industries, but in any way work to create more efficient and fair public services.

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