GTA Online Gun Van: daily location, weapons, more

Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts always have a reason to celebrate. One such is the arrival of the long-awaited GTA Online Gun Van, which makes its official debut and brings an enticing array of top-tier weapons. Amidst the constant anticipation of GTA 6 news, Rockstar Games remains committed to enriching the GTA Online experience.

Acting as a mobile entity in the game, the GTA Online Gun Van is constantly shifting its location, passing through various back alleys and parking lots in both Los Santos and Blaine County. This strategic mobility is meant to outwit law enforcement and competing vendors, posing a challenge to players looking for discreet purchases. The Gun Van’s inventory stands out for its collection of powerful weapons, including items such as the Railgun and three futuristic Republican Space Ranger weapons. Notably, these items are accessible without the typical rank-based unlock requirements, and the listed costs come with an embedded discount, adding to the appeal for players looking to beef up their virtual arsenal.

Through off-the-books transactions, players can secure high-quality weapons and items at a reduced price through the GTA Online Gun Van. Daily repositioning of the van brings an element of surprise and strategy, turning the hunt for exclusive offers into a dynamic and exciting experience. In a game saturated with a diverse array of firearms, Gun Van proves to be a unique resource for players looking to upgrade their in-game weapons.

In short, Gun Van proves to be a remarkable addition to GTA Online, providing exclusive weapons and bringing excitement with its ever-changing location. As players seek to enrich their digital arsenal, this dynamic feature offers an immersive and satisfying experience within a constantly the evolving universe of GTA Online.

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The recent Los Santos Drugs War update unfolded with the debut of Acid Lab, new vehicles and a range of jobs, including the interesting First Dose missions. As part of this massive content update, the GTA Online Gun Van takes center stage, using the drip process to reveal an exclusive inventory that has generated considerable excitement among players.

Where is the GTA Online Gun Van today?

The Gun Van in GTA Online regularly moves between 30 potential locations on the map each day. It is important to note that the van icon will not be visible on your map until you approach it. Staying alert on the map is essential for those looking for discounted merchandise.

Northern region

Where is the GTA Online Gun Van location and inventory today?

All these places are already known and you can check the map below for a visual guide. If you find you need a Gun Van but are unsure of its current location, systematically check these markers until it is visible.

Central region

Where is the GTA Online Gun Van location and inventory today?

For GTA+ subscribers, the location of the Gun Van is permanently marked on your map, providing convenient access regardless of your in-game location.

Southern region

Where is the GTA Online Gun Van location and inventory today?

If you’re not up to date on the recent leaks and speculation surrounding the Gun Van, let me bring you up to speed. Basically, some of the high quality weapons that were previously available for purchase on Ammu-Nation have now been moved to the Gun Van and appear in various locations in Los Santos.

Unlike the delivery service offered by Little Jacob in GTA 4, you cannot summon the Gun Van to your location; instead, you’ll have to actively search for it. Interestingly, the Gun Van doesn’t show up on the map unless you’re nearby or have a GTA+ subscription.

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Where is the GTA Online Gun Van location and inventory today?

However, we have information about GTA Online Gun Van Location Today. From November 20, you can find the Gun Van at Procopio Beach near Paleto Bay.

How to use GTA Online Gun Van?

After discovering a Gun Van in GTA Online, approach it to have the back door open, giving you access to the dealer and their assortment. Communicate with the person inside by pressing the desired control. A small menu will appear allowing you to scroll through the available items. Items are divided into Weapons, Throwables, and Bulletproof Vests, giving you the opportunity to explore and discover items that interest you.

Once you find something you wish to buy, click on it and use the prompt control to confirm your purchase, mirroring the process in Ammu-Nation. Notably, there are no rank restrictions on the items sold in the Gun Van.

Exclusive items like the Railgun, Tactical SMG, and Republican Space Ranger weapons (including the Up-n-Atomizer, Unholy Hellbringer, and Widowmaker) won’t be found anywhere else. In addition, Gun Van offers a standard selection of ammo, accessories and shades for those looking to stock or modify their guns.

Keep in mind that Gun Van’s weapon inventory changes weekly. To make sure you don’t miss out on any rare or unique deals, it’s recommended that you visit regularly.

GTA Online Weapons Inventory

The GTA Online Gun Van inventory is refreshed weekly in conjunction with GTA Online’s weekly update, which is scheduled for Thursday mornings, usually between 9am and 11am BST. For those in the United States, that corresponds to the early hours of Thursday morning.

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As previously mentioned, the Gun Van in GTA Online features an assortment of high-end weapons, including the recently introduced Tactical SMG and Railgun.

Despite the fact that these premium guns aren’t from Ammu-Nation, it’s important to note that they still come with a hefty price tag and discounts may not be available. Here is a detailed list of current stock:

Guns Throwable objects Armor
A baseball bat A nearby mine Super light armor
Railgun*exclusive* Tear gas Light armor
Up-n-Atomizer*exclusive* A sticky bomb Standard armor
Widower*exclusive* A pipe bomb Heavy armor
The godless Hellbringer*exclusive* Grenades Super heavy armor
Fireworks launcher Body Armor
Heavy rifle Service carabiner
Heavy Sniper
Combat Shotgun
Pool cue

It is worth bearing in mind that this inventory may be subject to change over time as Rockstar Games may adjust the balance of the game. Stay tuned for updates as any significant changes to Gun Van mechanics will be shared here immediately. Be sure to check for the latest information.

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