House Republicans Unveil Impeachment Charges Against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

House Republicans released two impeachment charges Alejandro Mayorkas On Sunday, he charged the Secretary of Homeland Security with high crime and misdemeanor charges for implementing US immigration policy.

The first article accuses Mayorkas of «deliberate and systematic refusal to comply with the law» by implementing a so-called «catch and release» policy that allows many migrants awaiting trial to remain in the United States without being detained.

The second article accuses him of «knowingly making false statements and knowingly obstructing lawful oversight of the Department of Homeland Security.»

«These articles present a clear, compelling and irrefutable case for the impeachment of Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas,» said Tennessee Rep. Mark Green, who chaired the Homeland Security panel that released the articles of impeachment, said in a statement. «Congress has a duty to see that the executive branch implements and enforces the laws we have passed.»

DHS immediately strike back against Sunday’s articles of impeachment, accusing Republicans of «undermining efforts to reach bipartisan solutions and ignoring facts, legal scholars and experts, and even the Constitution itself in an effort to baselessly impeach Secretary Mayorkas.» The memo claimed that Republicans “don’t want to solve the problem; they want to campaign on it.»

Representative Mississippi Benny Johnson, the top Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee, called on the House to «reject this bogus resolution» in a statement. Johnson called the committee’s investigation «remarkably fact-free» and accused Republicans of «abusing the impeachment power of Congress to placate MAGA members, score political points, and distract the American people from their do-nothing Congress.»

The committee will officially take up the charges on Tuesday, and if approved, an impeachment vote could come as early as February. In a letter to House colleagues on Friday, Speaker Mike Johnson he promised to hold an impeachment vote «as soon as possible».

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While there is virtually no chance that the charges will ultimately make it past the Democratic-led Senate, where a two-thirds majority is required for conviction, the impeachment trial is sure to create a spectacle on immigration in this election year.

The effort to remove Mayorkas as president is coming Joe Biden is working to cement a bipartisan border bill in the Senate that Mayorkas helped organize.

On Friday, Biden, whose campaign he warned on the return of «extreme, racist, cruel» immigration policies in Trump’s second term, escalated significantly his rhetoric on the issue. In a statement, he vowed to «close» the border and argued that, if passed, the bipartisan bill would be «the toughest and fairest set of border security reforms we’ve ever had in our country.»

A group of Republicans in the House of Representatives who, with the support of the former president, stand in the way of the bill’s passage through Congress Donald Trump, are strongly opposed to any agreement between the two sides. Johnson said in his letter Friday that any deal from the Senate would be «dead on arrival» in the House.

The GOP frontrunner, who hopes to make immigration a key issue in his re-election bid, campaigned vociferously against the deal, prompting consternation from some Senate Republicans. «I’m going to fight this all the way,» Trump he said agreements during a Saturday night rally in Nevada. “A lot of senators are trying to respectfully say that they’re blaming me. I say, that’s fine. Please blame it on me. Please.»

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