How do you pronounce the name Travis Kelce? In-depth investigation

Could someone please double check that the earth is in fact round and that the sky is typically somewhere in the neighborhood of blue? Because a sloppy comment from a Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones O Travis Kelce we wonder if we know anything at all.

On The «Inside the NFL» clip was released Thursday By NFL Instagram and the account of Travis and Jason Kelcepodcast user, New heightsJones is spotted on the bench over the weekend chilly Chiefs-Dolphins game in Missouri. He muses to a teammate, «So you all know it’s not even ‘Travis Kelce’?» He pronounces «Kelce» with a long «e» on the end, just like most of us. As do the sportscasters and your mom and pretty much everyone else on this round world. So, Chris, what is it?

«That’s Travis Kelce,» he says. One syllable. Rhymes with «otherwise».

Take a moment and let it sink in. Jones did it.

«Yeah, well,» Jones muses, then says what we’re all thinking: «It’s bloody crazy, isn’t it?»

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Right, really. Crazy! Scientists agree! But wait, wouldn’t we hear from these very important people how their names are pronounced one way or another? We talk about them all the time, did they just grind their teeth?

Not really, it seems.

In fact, we have receipts to prove the brothers are ambi-kelce-terous. Wind up the tape this week’s episode New heights, published on Wednesday. Now skip to the 1:09 mark of the video, towards the end, when they discuss the Zac Brown Band about a potential musical collaboration (and demonstrate some not-half-bad harmonizing to make it real).

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Travis says, «Who wants to hear these guys from Kelce», no «e» sound detected.

A minute later, Jason is reading the label of a scented candle: “Smells like Jason Kelce.” Kel-SEE.

And when Hosted by Travis Saturday night life last year, was introduced as Travis Kel-see. Seems like it’s high time to correct the record if it’s wrong, doesn’t it? And then in three minutes and 44 seconds he said the name of his dating show his monologue: Catching Kel-SEE.

See Kel-see why we’re spiraling? You could say, like when a football is thrown by a professional player of this sport.

On February 2023 episode of their podcastbrothers, however their surnames are pronounced, discussed the problem with their parents, Donna and Ed Kelce. As it turns out, the traditional pronunciation of the name is monosyllabic, according to Ed, but even Donna thought it was «Kel-see» for a long time.

«I’ve never changed my name for nothing,» Ed said when Jason challenged him. “I’m tired of fixing people.

“That was the name I went by at work. That was my working name,” he said.

It’s the Mandela Effect for 2023. The Berenstain Bears never could.

Travis, always the type to be in control all the time, said at the time that «it will work for both.» Jason? Not so much. «Don’t call me Kels,» he said.

Remarkably, we didn’t hear Taylor Swift, Travis’ girlfriend, went on record with Travis’ full name, so we can’t say for sure where she stands on the matter. Now, when Chris Jones suddenly reveals that it’s «actually S-why-ft,» we’re going to have to have a few words.

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Representatives for Jason and Travis Kelce did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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