How is this Bangalore-based startup making airport travel 50% cheaper through shared cabins?


It was a rainy day when Shubham was relaxing on the couch, sipping coffee and scrolling through Twitter. The sound of rain pattering on the window made it a perfect lazy day. Suddenly a tweet caught his eye, “I booked a flight from Pune to Bangalore for ₹3,500. And then a ₹2,000 cab from Bangalore airport to my home.’

As he read the tweet, memories of his own struggle with expensive taxis from the Bangalore airport came flooding back. He recalled the frustration and how the high costs put a big hole in his pocket.

A problem worth solving

Shubham, a technology enthusiast, couldn’t shake the thought for days and kept thinking that there must be a better way and why one has to pay so much just to go to the airport. He wanted to make airport travel accessible and safe for everyone, just like other services. To understand how big the problem was, he talked to a lot of people, including strangers at the airport. Almost everyone had the same complaint: taxi rides were simply too expensive.

Take action

Based on this information, Shubham decided to act. He envisioned an app that would allow people to share their taxi rides with others going in the same direction (for now, it’s only for airports). This would reduce costs by up to 50% and make airport transfers easier and more efficient.

Although Shubham has good technical skills and has worked with several startups as a software engineer, building something from scratch is not easy. It takes courage, skill, time and money. Shubham was working at a startup at the time and was trying to balance his work with his new project. But he soon realized that his dream needed his full attention. After much thought, he quit his job and poured his heart, time and savings into his idea.

Building QuicReach

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Shubham, with the help of a few friends, developed an app for both users and drivers. He spent countless hours with drivers and users to make sure the app’s features were working as expected. It was an arduous journey, using almost all of his savings and many late nights. But he was determined. His hard work paid off. QuickReach is now operational in Bangalore and has received great appreciation from users.

As the operation grew, he was joined by two of his close friends, Aman Mishra and Pulkit. Both Aman and Pulkit are former founders themselves who bring their unique perspectives to the team. They have an impressive combination of more than a decade of experience building and managing consumer technology products. This extensive experience has honed their skills and enabled them to make significant contributions to the development and management of innovative consumer technology products.

Getting the first user

With the MVP ready, Shubham faced the real test: onboarding drivers, attracting users and ensuring their safety. Inspired by Paul Graham’s advice to recruit users manually, Shubham hired a taxi and spent the afternoon looking for users at bus stops and subway stations, asking if they were traveling to the airport. After a few hours of hard work, he found his first user near the Tin Factory bus stop. And bingo, QuicReach had its first user.

How QuicReach works

“We aim to provide hassle-free airport pickup and drop-off cab booking and offer a great driving experience at a low price through our shared cab platform. We are currently focusing on airport travel, but we are also looking to serve users for inter-city and intra-city travel,” explained Shubham.

Getting started with QuicReach:

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Download the app: Available on Play Store and App Store.

Log in: Use your mobile number and some personal information.

Plan your ride: Enter the pick-up and departure times along with your flight details.

Payment in advance: Pay up to 25% in advance to plan your ride.

Once a user books a ride, QuicReach searches for similar reservations and combines them into a shared ride. Verified drivers receive ride notifications and can accept rides based on their availability. Users are then informed of the driver details to communicate directly.

QuickReach maintains a 2-hour buffer to prevent last-minute cancellations, resulting in a cancellation rate of less than 2%, far better than any other platform.

Affordable and reliable

Unlike other ride services that keep raising prices, adding overages and charging platform fees, QuicReach offers rides that are over 50% cheaper.

Try QuicReach’s shared rides for your next trip to the airport with prices starting from ₹400 or enjoy a private ride for just ₹650.

Business model and numbers

QuicReach’s business model focuses on fairness and affordability. It ensures a fair wage for drivers and protects users from unpredictable prices. The shared cabin system fosters a sense of community and keeps costs low.

Revenue comes from keeping a small percentage of each shared ride, ensuring sustainability while remaining affordable for users.

“We launched in January 2024 and have served over 10,000 users since then. We have completed over 2,000 journeys, saved our customers over ₹20,000 and reduced CO2 emissions by over 1,000 kg. Despite the challenges, our determination has resulted in consistent organic growth of 50% month-on-month. We have also on-boarded over 500 drivers in Bangalore,” Shubham proudly noted.

«QuicReach connects cities, bridges distances and makes travel accessible.»


Shubham’s journey from a casual tweet to creating a thriving startup is a testament to his determination and innovative spirit. QuicReach is not just an app; it’s the solution that makes airport travel affordable and convenient for thousands. As QuicReach continues to grow, it promises to change the way people think about airport transportation, one shared ride at a time.

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