Hume Highway crash: Six-car pile-up causes commuter chaos as traffic backs up to nine kilometers

  • Six car crash on the Hume Highway
  • Traffic extended to nine kilometers

A multi-vehicle crash along the Hume Highway, north of the M5 and M7, has caused major delays and traffic is building up nine kilometers beyond.

Officers from Liverpool City Police HQ were called to the scene along with NSW Fire and Rescue and NSW Ambulance.

Six cars were involved, with a Fire Service NSW spokesman saying it was a «nose to tail» incident. The accident happened around 5:50 a.m. on Wednesday.

Paramedics evaluated several drivers, and no one reported injuries or was taken to the hospital.

A multi-vehicle crash along the Hume Highway, north of the M5 and M7, caused major delays and traffic piled up for nine kilometers beyond (picture).

The accident happened near Edmondson Park, two of the four northbound lanes are closed.

Live Traffic NSW is warning commuters to expect major delays.

This is just one of many crashes and breakdowns this morning in many suburbs such as North Parramatta and the M1 approaching Dog Trap Road, making it a chaotic morning for commuters.


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