I’m a psychologist… follow the “three 15s” method to ensure a great night’s sleep

How well you sleep at night can affect your mood, productivity and health.

Some people float away as soon as their head hits the pillow, but for others it’s more difficult – especially in winter, the expert revealed.

Clinical psychologist and sleep specialist, Dr. Michael Brues, better known as the ‘Sleep Doctor’, is on a mission to help the world improve their lifestyles with a good night’s rest.

Dr Brues posts clips under his TikTok handle @thesleepdoctor and shares suggestions to help you sleep.

The sleep doctor explained that you need to get sunlight in the morning – people don’t know this, but vitamin D is a circadian pacemaker, so being out in the sun can help

Last year, he appeared on The Today Show Dr. Brues explained the process he swears by during the colder months to get a good night’s sleep — the «three 15 method.»

He begins by explaining, “During the winter months, several things can happen while you sleep.

“One thing we know specifically about is seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – because there’s not enough light, people don’t feel as well, kind of like the winter blues.

«But from a sleep perspective, we know what we know—because we don’t have as much light, our circadian rhythms can be a little off, and that can be a problem.»

He revealed that there are a few key rules we can follow to ensure a better night’s sleep – but we have to do them in the morning.

The sleep doctor explained that you need to get sunlight in the morning because vitamin D is a circadian pacemaker, so being out in the sun can help.

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How well you sleep at night can affect a number of other factors in your life – including your mood, productivity and health (picture)

Circadian rhythms are the body’s internally controlled 24-hour clock that runs on a daily cycle and regulates vital functions such as sleep, appetite and metabolism – when it gets dark earlier, it can be confusing for our bodies.

Dr. Brues said, “You only need about fifteen minutes, believe it or not. This actually helps your sleep. I know it sounds weird to do something in the morning that will benefit your sleep, but trust me.

«If you start getting ready for bed at the beginning of your day, you’ll have a great night.»

‘What I tell people is that when you wake up in the morning, I have a bit of a routine – you can do it for kids, you can do it for adults.

He explains that he called the method “three 15s to do in the morning—15 deep breaths to help wake up your respiratory system, 15 ounces of water, and 15 minutes of sunshine.

Dr Brues stresses that it should be water, not caffeine, as sleep itself is a dehydrating event.

He added: “We don’t want to caffeinate, we want to hydrate first. “We lose almost a full liter of water through the moisture in our breath and sweat and oils that pass through the skin, so people have to go to bed pretty well hydrated.

«But don’t drink a big glass of water before bed because then you’ll have to go to the bathroom all night.»

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He will reveal that you should go to the window in the morning if it is too cold to be outside, but if you can stand being outside, it will be «the best» for your sleep.

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