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In the dazzling world of K-pop, Irene, the leader of the widely acclaimed girl group Red Velvet, captivated fans with her talent, poise and mysterious presence. As we dive into 2024, let’s explore Red Velvet Irene Age, Irene’s profile, reveal her age, family, real name, background, career highlights and net worth.

Early life and background

Irene was born on March 29, 1991 in Daegu, South Korea and her real name is Bae Joo-hyun. She grew up in a harmonious family environment and soon became interested in theater arts. Irene’s journey to fame began when she was scouted by SM Entertainment, one of South Korea’s biggest entertainment companies, and she went through years of rigorous training before making it big in the industry.

Red Velvet Irene Age: Rise to Fame with Red VelvetRed Velvet KPOP

Irene was introduced as a member of Red Velvet in 2014. The group quickly rose to fame with hits like «Ice Cream Cake» and «Dumb Dumb,» which showcase Irene’s versatile abilities as a singer, rapper, and dancer. Her poised leadership and captivating stage presence have been instrumental in the group’s success, garnering numerous awards and recognition on international platforms.

Career Highlights

Led by Irene, Red Velvet’s discography is characterized by diversity and innovation, with chart-topping albums and EPs that reflect a unique blend of genres. Irene also explored other avenues such as acting where she received positive reviews for her performance in the web drama «The Female Employees of a Game Company» and her lead role in the movie «Double Patty».

Red Velvet Irene Age: Fun Facts

Irene’s fans are often fascinated by fun facts about her personality and interests. Known for her perfect sense of fashion, she has become a style icon, often appearing in the front rows of fashion shows. In addition to her love of music and fashion, Irene is known for her interest in interior design and her talent in cooking, which she occasionally shares with fans on social media.

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Net worth in 2024Irene from Red Velvet

Irene’s success with Red Velvet and her individual acting performances and endorsements have contributed to her impressive net worth. As of 2024, Irene’s net worth is estimated to be several million dollars, reflecting her status as one of the most influential figures in the K-pop industry.

Red Velvet Irene Age: Personal Life and Off-Stage Persona

Despite her fame, Irene is known for maintaining a level of privacy when it comes to her personal life. Although she values ​​her family and often mentions their support, details about her family members remain out of the public eye. Offstage, Irene is described by her bandmates and friends as warm, thoughtful and incredibly down-to-earth, endearing her to those who know her personally.


Irene’s journey from a promising trainee to a leading K-pop figure is a testament to her talent and dedication. As she continues to evolve as an artist and influencer, her profile remains a source of inspiration for fans around the world. With Red Velvet and her individual activities, Irene’s influence in the music scene and beyond will continue to grow in the years to come.

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