Jacob Elordi, Renée Rapp and Rachel McAdams (!) Enliven ‘SNL’

The best sketch of the evening was Ego Nwodim sending a Katt Williams shit talk with Shannon Sharpe from Devon Walker. Nwodimu’s Williams promised a brutally honest interview, boasting that «I’m 5’3, I’ve never lied and I’m 6’3.» When asked about his claim that Kevin Hart was made in the same Hollywood factory that makes Teddy Graham, Nwodim asked, «so why the hell does it smell like cinnamon?» He later claimed to be a genius President Obama The slogan of the Yes We Can campaign, her Williams insisted, before he waved his gloss, Barack was out selling the promise of «prolly, prolly, I think we can.»

Phew, campaigns. A cloud of dread and weariness appears as a threat and Trump and Biden realign the edges closer to reality. The wretchedness of it all trumps the absurdity. «Well, you guys, it’s 2024 – but is it?» he asked Colin Jost at the top of the weekend update. “Guys, I don’t know if we should be doing this election. It’s honestly starting to feel like elder abuse to me. I don’t even blame them. I blame us for allowing this to happen.» Then he suggested a kind of mercy draw, a last-ditch effort to put the two men on gentle pasture. «Tell Trump and Biden that they both won and that we’re very proud of them, and now they can rest.»

Maybe Rapp is right when he looks down on us adults. She appeared in one sketch during the night and was cheekily introduced as «our little lesbian intern» by red carpet reporters Yang and Elordi. Explaining her time in servitude, she said, «Lately, I’ve been completely out of line in every interview, so now I have to do 40 hours of court media training.» Rapp would be wise to remember that a season of bravado doesn’t equal charisma, or always lend itself to lasting career. When Stallion by Megan Thee appeared behind a pink cake during Rapp’s performance of «Not My Fault,» it felt like a glimpse of a true star. And during the final goodbyes, it was Rachel McAdams who was the center of attention. Elordi hugged the older woman tightly and activated fan-fiction accounts around the world.

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