Jill Biden tells The View voters will ‘choose good over evil’ and back Joe: First lady dismisses ominous polls, says it’s Trump who ‘can’t string a sentence together’

Jill Biden offered a fiery defense of her husband’s presidency in an interview with The View on Wednesday, warning voters that the choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump is a choice between ‘good and evil.’

She repeatedly referred to the former president as a would-be dictator whose election would cause bloodshed and predicted that the Supreme Court would be stacked with Republicans who would take away women’s rights, gay rights and voting rights.

«We can’t take things for granted,» she said. “Think of the Supreme Court, for God’s sake, talk about things getting worse. Can you imagine putting more Republicans on the Supreme Court? We will lose all our rights.’

In the interview, Biden also stood up for protesters on college campuses, expressed confidence the president’s polling numbers would rise and dismissed concerns about her 81-year-old husband, saying he and Trump were «basically the same age.»

The first lady was on the daytime talk show to talk about her upcoming children’s book: ‘Willow the White House Cat.’

But most of the questions related to the November elections. Jill Biden, who raised money and ran the campaign for her husband, emerged as his staunchest defender, deflecting questions about his age, the upcoming debates and his declining poll numbers against Trump.

Jill Biden, who is doing press for her upcoming children’s book, used airtime to praise Joe Biden’s character while taking a jab at Donald Trump.

«This election is not about age because like — I mean, Donald Trump is going to be 78. And Joe is 81. They’re basically the same age,» the first lady said.

“This election is about character. So you have two options. You have my husband, Joe, who you all know is of integrity, he is strong, he is steady, he is a leader. He is smart. He’s energetic or you have chaos.’

She dismissed questions about whether Trump would take over the upcoming presidential debate as he repeatedly interrupted Biden four years ago.

She noted that measures were taken by both campaigns to prevent this from happening.

«They’re going to turn off the mics so nobody can go around or yell at anybody, you know, not that my husband would do that, so it’s already negotiated.»

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She said Americans need to see the two candidates on stage against each other.

“I think the American people deserve a debate because you have to see your choices. You’ve got to see Trump and you’ve got to see the president and you’ve got to see the differences and my husband — and you see how smart he is and how experienced he is and then you see someone who’s like you say, I’m going to use Joy (Behar’s) words, I can’t put a sentence together.»

She argued that the president will justify himself in the polls. Biden trails Trump in many key battlegrounds that will decide the election.

Jill Biden said the president’s re-election campaign will take nothing for granted, calling Trump a «bad» choice in November.

“We’re going to go to college campuses and go to every state we can get to. I traveled every day. Joe traveled as much as possible and we will not take anything for granted,” she said.

«These polls will turn around, I’m sure, because as time goes on and people start to focus a little more on what’s at stake and start to educate themselves on the issues and the differences between these two men, I believe the American people will vote good from evil.’

In November, Jill Biden described Donald Trump, seen above outside Manhattan Criminal Court, as a

In November, Jill Biden described Donald Trump, seen above outside Manhattan Criminal Court, as a «bad» choice.

Jill Biden Defends College Protesters - Above Pasadena City College pro-Palestinian students walk out of class as they demonstrate against the Israel-Hamas war in Pasadena, California

Jill Biden Defends College Protesters – Above Pasadena City College pro-Palestinian students walk out of class as they demonstrate against the Israel-Hamas war in Pasadena, California

The first lady also warned that there could be violence and bloodshed in the country if Trump wins in November.

«You have to believe him when he uses words like dictator, bloodshed, third period, violence, we’ve seen it, so when he says those words, believe him.» Don’t think it won’t happen,” she said.

Biden, who teaches English at Northern Virginia Community College, has defended Gaza protesters on college campuses, but said he thinks the protests should be peaceful.

«People have the right to protest. This is why we have a democracy. Thank God we live in a democracy, but I think protests must be peaceful,” she said.

“Why would we be violent? What is the point of the violence? Are they really not protesting with violence? It makes no sense.»

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When told that Trump had promised to arrest protesters, she replied, «Well, that’s probably just the beginning.»

The first lady is in New York on Wednesday to promote her new book, her third children’s book, which tells the story of life in the White House from the perspective of the first couple’s cat, Willow.

Most of her interviews focused on the election. And Biden used airtime to extol her husband’s character while railing against Trump.

On Wednesday, she warned that women’s rights were at risk and described the election as a choice between calm and chaos.

«Everything is at stake,» the first lady told the hosts of ABC’s Good Morning America. She was on the morning show to promote her upcoming children’s book: ‘Willow the White House Cat.’

“I think especially for women this year, women’s rights, our freedoms. Democracy is at risk,» she said when asked about President Joe Biden’s campaign against Donald Trump.

She argued that voters could choose between the steady presence of her husband or the chaos of Trump.

«We have a choice. We can have my husband who is calm and composed and strong and has character and integrity or we have the second option who is chaotic,” she said. «We have to make a decision. Democracy or chaos.’

«Everything is at stake,» Jill Biden said of the election on Good Morning America

Jill Biden has taken a leading role in her husband’s re-election campaign when it comes to attacking Trump on women’s issues. She launched the Women for Biden-Harris coalition earlier this year.

She was also a prolific fundraiser for the campaign and the Democratic Party.

The first lady’s new book focuses on Willow, offering a behind-the-scenes look at life in the White House through the first cat.

Jill Biden is in New York to promote her children's book

Jill Biden is in New York to promote her children’s book

It will be released on June 4th and retails for $19.99. Co-written with award-winning children’s author Alyssa Satin Capucilli and illustrated by Kate Berube.

«It’s kind of a behind-the-scenes cat’s-eye view of what it’s like to live in the White House,» Biden said on GMA.

She also described the book as a tribute to the permanent staff of the White House who take care of the residence.

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“You know I’m an English teacher. I want children to enjoy reading. I want kids to know that reading is fun, learning is fun. I want people to know about the White House and the people inside who run it all,” she said.

«There are almost 100 people there. He dedicates his life to making the white house work. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican family or a Democratic family. They always make everything so special for us and for the people who go there every day.”

The picture book will explore how Willow adjusts from being a Pennsylvania barn cat to living in the most famous house in America.

Joe Biden
Donald Trump

Jill Biden argued that the 2024 election is a choice between the steady presence of President Joe Biden (left) or the chaos of Donald Trump (right)

Willow met the first lady while campaigning in Pennsylvania

Willow met the first lady while campaigning in Pennsylvania

The tabby cat joined the Biden family in the White House in January 2022 and is named after Jill Biden’s hometown of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

Jill Biden met the cat at a 2020 campaign stop in Pennsylvania when Willow hopped onto the stage where she was speaking.

Willow often travels with the Bidens to their beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware. And she’s been known to wake up President Joe Biden by walking on his head.

The book will be released on June 4

The book will be released on June 4

According to publisher Simon & Schuster, the book will explore a cat’s journey to the White House and the friends she meets along the way.

Upon arriving at the White House, «Willow discovers new rooms to explore and is greeted by a lovely lady she met at Farmer Rick’s farm,» according to the book’s synopsis.

The cat will also meet friendly White House staff and find new places to play.

«Willow loves exploring the White House and all the special people who make it home.»

Most days, Willow can be found in the East Wing wandering around the staff offices. Cats are known to have treats on hand.

The first lady has written two other children’s books: Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops and Joey: The Joe Biden Story.

Her monograph Where the Light Enters became a New York Times bestseller.

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