Joe Biden cannot ignore the domestic pressure on the conflict between Israel and Hamas

President Joe Biden He appears to be facing growing pressure from within his administration — and his re-election campaign — over his handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. On Wednesday, the second administrative officer, Tariq Habash, political advisor to the Ministry of Education, resigned in protestwho wrote in the letter that Biden «turned a blind eye to the atrocities committed on innocent Palestinian lives» by Israeli forces.

That same day, seventeen Biden campaign staffers called on the president to demand a cease-fire, describing it in an anonymous letter as his «moral and electoral imperative» to de-escalate the violence in Gaza. «You have said many times that silence in the face of human rights abuses is complicity,» staff he wrote. «We agree, and that’s why we’re speaking out now. Every minute that goes by without a ceasefire is another life lost – a life that could have been saved by political action on your part.» They added: “Only with an end to violence can we achieve a real and lasting peace that will support the right to self-determination, security and freedom for both Palestinians and Israelis.

At least 20,000 people killed in Gaza since Israel launched a counteroffensive against the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attack, according to the Gaza Health Ministry. The United Nations said in a report late last month that one in four people in Gaza is starving. «It won’t get any worse» Arif Husainchief economist of the United Nations World Food Programme, he said in time, when. “I have never seen anything of the scale that is happening in Gaza. And at this speed.”

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Biden expressed frustration with the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu government, but he also emphasized that Israel has his «unwavering» support. He urged a two-state solution and warned that the country was losing international support because of the «indiscriminate bombing» of Gaza. «I think it has to change,» Biden he said Netanyahu last month. But his administration has also stood in the way of UN cease-fire resolutions and enabled Netanyahu’s bombing — including by bypassing Congress twice in December, most recently last week, to provide weapons to Israeli forces. «The United States is committed to Israel’s security,» the State Department said he said in announcing the sale «and it is vital to US national interests to ensure that Israel is able to defend itself against the threats it faces.»

But some electorate and members of Biden’s party expressed frustration with his approach. «Why should Admin bypass Congress on arms sales to any nation?» Democratic Senator Tim Kaine he wrote last week, suggesting the move «kept the American public in the dark.» Independent Senator Bernie Sanders called on lawmakers to reject unconditional military aid to Israel that the administration is seeking. He said declaration Tuesday: «The taxpayers of the United States must no longer participate in the destruction of the lives of innocent men, women and children in Gaza.»

The matter could also have political implications for the president, who is heading into what is expected to be a tough re-election bid — likely against Donald Trumpwhich poses a dire threat to democracy at home and to the international order that Biden has he tried to hold himself together abroad. Indeed, as his campaign staff warned in an open letter Wednesday, Biden’s lack of moral clarity on the humanitarian crisis threatens to erode voter enthusiasm and the fragile coalition that first put him in office — with some Muslim leaders. saying they will refuse to support Biden and younger voters expression of disagreement in surveys regarding his handling of the conflict. «It’s not enough to just be an alternative to Donald Trump,» staffers warned, urging the campaign to «stir a gut feeling» by de-escalating. «This administration’s deep sense of empathy is one of the reasons we felt inspired to join your re-election campaign,» the staff added. “Now we trust you will listen two-thirds of the land and three-quarters of our Democrats who support the ceasefire.»

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