John Blackman: Hey Hey It’s Saturday star dies aged 76 after grueling battle with cancer and major surgery to remove his jaw

Australian radio star John Blackman has died aged 76 after revealing his harrowing battle with cancer and surgery to remove his jaw.

The Hey Hey It’s Saturday star died on Tuesday after suffering a heart attack, according to The Morning Show celebrity spokesman Peter Ford.

John’s death comes just months after he revealed his grueling battle with cancer, which saw him undergo a 12-hour operation to remove his jaw in 2018.

In 2022, John faced a second battle when he was diagnosed with brain cancer, which was removed in a six-hour operation that left a titanium mesh in his head.

Not long before his death, John was told he had to return to hospital this year for another operation after his cancer made a devastating return.

Australian radio star John Blackman has died aged 76

He is believed to have died of a heart attack and is survived by his wife Cecile, whom he married in December 1972, and daughter Tiffany, 28.

Paying tribute to the «incredible» radio legend on the Channel 7 breakfast show, Peter told how John died at his home after going to rest.

“John came home yesterday afternoon and was resting. He went into the kitchen and said to Cecile, “I don’t feel so great. I’ll just sit on the couch,” said Peter.

The reporter added that John was recently told he had to undergo another operation after his cancer returned following his life-saving surgery in 2018.

«He told me last week that he was going to have another operation this Monday because something came back and he wasn’t happy about it,» he continued.

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“But I was told it wasn’t cancer that took him. His wife Cecil called them this morning to share the news.’

He went on to praise John for maintaining his sense of humor during his tough battle with cancer and paid tribute to a «beautiful artist».

“Australia is a sadder place to see these reports now. John was an incredible man, he was a beautiful performer on radio and television. He has fought this incredible battle with cancer in recent years,” he said emotionally.

“His battle with cancer that took a large part of his jaw. He always came out and found a way to laugh at things.

“If anyone had been disarmed when he saw his appearance, he would have immediately made him comfortable. He had the ability to relax you and make you laugh.”

His adoring fans were also quick to take to social media to pay tribute to the radio legend and thank him for his legendary sense of humor over the years.

One said: “Thanks for the laughs John. My childhood was richer because of you. Vale John Blackman.’

«RIP John Blackman,» wrote another, while a third added: «RIP John Blackman condolences to the family.»

A fourth wrote: “Thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of John Blackman. RIP. So sad to hear of his passing that the laughter stopped for a moment.’

Earlier this year, John bravely revealed his battle with cancer and surgery to remove his jaw.

In 2018, John had a massive 12-hour operation to remove a cancerous growth in his mouth and jaw.

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In January, he told how his life had changed after a life-saving operation that rid him of cancer but meant he couldn’t work in front of a microphone again.

«When I went to my surgeon to get the test results, he said: ‘Look John, your life is going to change completely from now on,'» he told the Herald Sun.

«Professionally, financially, emotionally, it will never be the same again. You will never work in front of a microphone again.”

He bravely told how the operation to remove his jaw could not rob him of his famous sense of humour.

“Everything the surgeon said came true. Even now, when I talk to you, it hurts. I can’t do what I love,” John continued.

«Fortunately, I still have my sense of humor, they didn’t take it away from me.»

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