Katt Williams revives old beef with Cedric the Entertainer

Katt Williams has taken aim at her comedians in interviews before. But none were as charged as his interview this week on «Club Shay Shay.»

Like a tightly scripted stand-up routine, during his 35 minutes sitting with former NFL star Shannon Sharpe, the Emmy-winning comedian and actor fired up honest revelations about a long list of notables including Steve Harvey, Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker and Diddy addressing the recent allegations of sexual assault against a rap mogul.

But it was his claim that Cedric the entertainer stole his «best joke» more than two decades ago that drew the most attention. Williams first made the allegations on a radio show in 2021. When Cedric was a guest allegations came to «Shay Shay» in November 2021, Cedric dismissed it as «ridiculous».

Williams acknowledged that Cedric’s interview was one of the reasons he agreed to appear on «Shay Shay.»

«He thought I was just a no-name comedian and that he could take this joke and nobody would know,» Williams told Sharpe.

The joke comes from Williams’ 1998 stand-up set on BET’s «Comic View,» when he was still performing as Katt ‘N Da Hatt. It was one of Williams’ first big breaks. For the part, which fellow comedian Mark Curry helped write, Williams portrayed someone driving a convertible while playing their music aggressively loud. Williams claimed that Cedric took the joke in 2000 for Spike Lee’s stand-up film «The Original Kings of Comedy», which also featured scenes from Harvey, Bernie Mac and DL Hughley.

«This isn’t just a random joke — this is my best joke,» Williams told Sharpe, explaining that he used the joke as his final piece. He said he did it twice on the BET show, prompting the network to use the joke as part of its commercials.

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«I’m doing this joke, it’s on ‘Comic View,’ Cedric comes into the Comedy Store,» Williams continued in his reminiscences. «(Cedric) follows me in the audience, comes backstage, tells me what a great job I did and how he loves that joke so much – two years later he does it as his last joke on ‘Kings of Comedy’ and he does it literally, he just turns my car into a spaceship.»

Williams first made allegations against Cedric in 2021 as a guest on «The Morning Hustle» radio show. He accused Cedric from stealing a joke that he said «crushed» him at the time because Cedric was «already bigger and more famous than me».

“The reason it hit so hard was because I was in a theater,” he said in 2021, referring to when “The Original Kings of Comedy” was filmed at Bojangles Coliseum in Charlotte, N.C. “I paid my money , to be able to watch ‘Kings of Comedy’ and see that my joke was there and not me was about as disrespectful as it gets in our craft, and I took it really personally with Cedric Bavič at the time.»

Cedric’s joke was widely seen as «Kings» became a box office and critical success. The film is available to rent on YouTube, AppleTV and Prime. Yet there is little record of Williams’ original joke.

After Williams’ interview, online watchers and detectives managed to uncover a grainy recording of a «Comic View» joke from 1998. When Philip Lewis, managing editor of the Huffington Post, set the original bit next to Cedric now a popular Wednesday afternoon tweet joke, post racked up over 2 million views and fanned the flames between the two even more.

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Cedric dismissed Williams’ claim as «revisionist history» in a comment under an Instagram post from «Club Shay Shay» highlighting the viral podcast moment.

«Regardless of Katts opinion, my career cannot be limited to the One Joke that Katt Williams claims is his,» wrote Cedric the Entertainer. “I have been in more than 40 films, my specials and the brand speak for me.

In 2021, when Williams first made the allegation, Cedric denied the claim in an Instagram video, saying, «I don’t know what that brother is talking about — that joke is over 30 years old,» adding that he made the joke. six or seven years before Williams’ 1998 special.

In this week’s interview, Williams also took a shot at Cedric’s alleged failure in Hollywood and joked about Cedric’s weight. He also said that Cedric and even Harvey apologized to Williams for allegedly using the joke, contradicting Cedric’s earlier claim that Williams never brought it up to him personally.

«Why did I give you permission when all you wanted to do was lie?» Williams said.

Representatives for Cedric the Entertainer and Williams did not immediately respond to The Times’ requests for comment.

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