Leaked reports show Woolworths staff are openly rebelling against the Australia Day insult

Woolworths staff angered by the supermarket’s decision not to stock Australia Day goods lashed out at the store in messages posted to an internal forum.

The supermarket giant announced earlier this month that it would not be selling any Australian-themed items due to falling demand and sensitivity around January 26.

The decision sparked controversy, prompting Opposition Leader Peter Dutton to call on Aussies to boycott Woolworths altogether.

Daily Mail Australia can reveal some of the company’s employees have expressed their anger at the decision in a private discussion group run by Woolworths.

A few have focused on commerce, choosing to stop selling Australia Day merchandise while still promoting other culturally significant events such as Chinese New Year and Diwali.

«They are bringing in 2024 New Year of the Dragon gear, lots of it but no Aussie stuff, disgusting, go wake up, go bust,» said one staff member.

Woolworths staff furious over supermarket’s decision not to stock Australia Day goods as private messages on internal forum leak (pictured, Australia Day goods at discount store Choice)

Woolworths staff have criticized the supermarket giant over its decision not to stock goods for Australia Day, according to leaked chats from an internal discussion forum.

Some Woolworths staff questioned why the supermarket was selling goods for Chinese New Year but none on Australia Day

«Can’t believe Australia Day has been canceled but we’ll be celebrating Halloween and Chinese New Year to name a few,» said another.

“Can you imagine a Chinese supermarket chain canceling Chinese New Year but celebrating Australia Day? Australian CEOs need to stop playing politics/activism and get on with running a business.

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«People don’t like being told what to think by corporate Australia and politicians.»

«I do not get it.» As a society, we support all other forms of diversity in our lives. Why have they suddenly decided not to support the community celebrating Australia Day,” one staff member said.

Another said the attitude was «widening the divide» between Australians during January 26.

Woolworths declined to comment when contacted by Daily Mail Australia.

The supermarket’s director Brad Banducci told staff in an internal email that Australia Day sales had been declining for a number of years and the space they took up on the shelves had already started to shrink.

“In recent years, these sales have dropped to less than $1,000 per supermarket during January. BIG W has not sold Australia Day merchandise for a number of years,” he said in an email obtained by Daily Mail Australia.

One of the staff lashed out at Peter Dutton over his calls to boycott Woolworths

Another said the attitude was «widening the divide» between Australians during January 26

Woolworths chief executive Brad Banducci told staff in an internal email that Australia Day sales had been declining for a number of years.

“Rather than stocking these imported products, Woolworths Supermarkets is focused on continuing to celebrate the best of fresh Australian food for Australia Day weekend get-togethers with family and friends.

«We believe in the right of every Australian to mark their day in a way that is meaningful to them and we remain committed to looking after all our customers and team and making sure they feel safe and belong when they walk through our doors.»

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He also revealed the supermarket chain had engaged with the Australia Day Council to «seek guidance on the evolving meaning of Australia Day, January 26, and how they balance respect for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and the diverse communities that make up Australia today «.

In addition, the company worked with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team to develop an approach «that feels inclusive yet respectful».

Mr Banducci has personally received more than 3,000 emails from members of the public since Woolworths decided not to stock goods for Australia Day.

Despite the backlash, he said there were «really no signs» of a Woolworths boycott.

Other retailers including Aldi and Kmart have also revealed they will not be stocking items for Australia Day, but rival supermarket chain Coles will continue to sell the items.

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