Ledger begins shipping its top-of-the-line hardware crypto wallet

Main bookFrench startup mostly known for its secure crypto hardware wallets has started shipping new wallets almost 18 months after announcing the latest Ledger Stax devices.

The updated wallet features an E-Ink display and was designed in collaboration with Tony Fadella, one of the main designers behind the iPod. E-Ink technology is generally used for e-book readers such as Amazon Kindle or Rakuten Kobo because the screens look good in daylight and don’t require a lot of power.

After all pre-orders are filled, the company will list Ledger Stax on its website when it has more stock available. The reason why the hardware wallet is behind schedule is that the company may have overpromised on the design front. Ledger Stax has a curved E-Ink display. It was said to be more difficult than expected to produce curved E-Ink displays on a large scale.

So what makes Ledger Stax different from other Ledger wallets, Nano S Plus and Nano X? Unlike those two devices, the Ledger Stax has a larger screen with a secure touch screen that communicates directly with the security element in the device. It’s supposedly easier to use than the arrow keys on other Ledger devices.

While the Nano S Plus only works with a USB-C cable, the Nano X and Stax also have a Bluetooth chip. This means you can initiate a crypto transaction from your phone and confirm it on your crypto wallet — no wire required.

With this new wallet, Ledger is also aimed at high-end customers. The company sold Ledger Stax for 279 euros during the pre-order phase (about $300 at today’s exchange rate). He wouldn’t confirm the final retail price for the wallet so you’ll have to wait for it to be available on his website again.

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Thanks to the curved screen, users can display some information on the back of the device, even when it is turned off. This could be especially useful for companies and individuals who own multiple hardware wallets and want to stack them. Ledger Stax also has built-in magnets for easy alignment and supports Qi wireless charging.

When it comes to security, all Ledger products are based on a secure element where the private keys of your wallet are securely stored. They never leave your crypto wallets, meaning your funds are safe, even if your computer or phone is compromised. However, most crypto hacks are phishing attempts anyway — and Ledger can’t protect you from social engineering and fraud.

If you lose your device, you can recover your wallet using a recovery passphrase. The company also offers subscription product in case you are not comfortable with recovery phrases.

Interestingly, Ledger Stax also marks the beginning of a manufacturing partnership with Foxconn, a consumer electronics company. Previously, Ledger assembled its devices in Vierzon, France — but the Nano S Plus and Nano X devices will continue to be manufactured in Vierzon.

Ledger said it has sold more than 6 million devices to date and that the company estimates it secures about a fifth (20%) of the world’s crypto assets.

Image credits: under the Ledger license.

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