Lil Nas X Fires Back At Dave Chappelle To Dig ‘The Dreamer’

Lil Nas X and his steamy music video featuring the devil still seem to live on in Dave Chappelle’s head for free — that much is clear from the comedian’s latest Netflix special, «The Dreamer.»

The controversial comedian closed out 2023 with a nearly hour-long stand-up show that reflected on his own dreams and those of powerful men.

«The Dreamer» saw Chappelle, 50, mock Will Smith, praise Chris Rock and poke fun at the transgender community (again). For the grand finale, Chappelle delivered a dig at the 24-year-old Grammy winner, a dig that the musician ultimately brushed aside.

«I know a dreamer when I see one, and I’ve met a lot of powerful dreamers in my life,» he said, «there’s no one more powerful than the man who calls himself Lil Nas X.»

Chappelle recalled meeting the «Industry Baby» singer (real name Montero Lamar Hill) at a party without knowing who he was. He said the rapper («dressed as C-3PO») came up to him and said he tried to cast the comedian in his music video.

«What video?» Chappelle said. «You know what video,» and (he) walked away.

The comedian said the interaction reminded him of elementary school teachers asking their students about their aspirations. After morbid digressions about how dreams of being a firefighter or president of the United States didn’t come true, Chappelle turned his sights back on Lil Nas X.

Chappelle used a racial slur and explicit sexual language in his take on a young Lil Nas X when he said, “I wanna be the gayest… that ever lived. I want to make a music video and slide down a stripper pole into the depths of hell… at 10 o’clock on BET while all the kids are up and seeing me.»

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In 2020, Lil Nas released X, who is openly gay music video for his hit “Montero (Call Me by Your Name). The infamous clip, in which the singer pole dances and offers Satan a lap dance, sparked backlash from politicians and conservative commentators and sparked Satanic panic. In June 2021, Lil Nas X took the hit to the BET Awards with a steamy Inspired by Pharaoh a performance that ended with him kissing a male dancer in the background.

«The shocking thing is that it was the only dream that came out,» Chappelle added in his special.

The comedian’s dig at Lil Nas X circulated on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday and finally made its way onto the rapper’s feed on Wednesday. In response to Chappelle, Lil Nas X he wrote: «I have to let me say your name.»

«Me and the devil broke up 3 years ago,» he added. “You all act like children of divorce.

Unlike Chappelle, Lil Nas X has more than moved on from «Montero (Call Me by Your Name)» and its controversy. In another tweet Wednesday, the Georgia-born rapper teased the next chapter in his music and criticized his haters.

«At some point I have to realize that I’m the goddess’ favorite,» he said, before plugging a January 12 release date for his new music.

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