Love Island: All Stars fans accuse Molly of ‘having a game plan’ after she breaks down in TEARS after kiss with Chris: ‘Why is she playing the victim?’

Liberty Poole

AGE: 24


Why are you returning to the Love Island Villa? I am much more confident in who I am and I am sure of exactly what I want from a relationship. I just want to have fun and meet a handsome guy.

How will you feel about bumping into an ex in the Villa or someone you’ve been dating from the show since it came on? It’s always going to be awkward, right, it’s always going to be weird seeing someone you were with someone else. I wish my exes only the best. I will focus on my own journey.

Kaz Kamwi

AGE: 29


Why are you returning to the Love Island Villa? To be honest, I really want to find love.

I had a great time last season, but I want to have an even better time.

How will you feel if you run into an ex or someone you used to date from the show in the Villa? The thing is, I’m a badass, so I’ll handle it with as much grace as possible.

Georgia Harrison

AGE: 29


Why are you returning to the Love Island Villa? This is the last year of my 20’s so I want to go to a villa and have some fun and hopefully meet someone to fall in love with. I am lucky in the sense that I have everything in my life that I could wish for, except love.

If you had to pick your best Islanders from series 1 through 10 to team up with who would they be and why? Chris Taylor, he is hilarious and the main thing that attracts me is a man who can make me laugh. What a funny guy and like I said I’m looking for someone to TikTok with so I think he’d be game for that kind of thing!

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Demi Jones

AGE: 25


Why are you returning to the Love Island Villa? I’ve lost a lot of confidence over the past few years due to my health issues, but this year I hit the gym, found my confidence again and have it back. So let’s find a man!

How will you feel about bumping into an ex or someone you’ve since dated from the show in the Villa? It will be interesting to see if old flames rekindle. Naturally, there are a lot of cross paths with Love Island, and believe me, I have some paths!

Hannah Elizabeth

AGE: 33


Why are you returning to the Love Island Villa? I’m going back to the Love Island villa because I did eight years ago and what an opportunity I never thought I’d get again. I’m not very good at finding love, but I had a ball my first time, so I’m going to have a ball again.

You got engaged last time on the show, do you think wedding bells could be on the cards again this time around? Definitely not, not in Villa No. Maybe when I get out, but I’d need to give it some time.

Georgia Steel

AGE: 25


Why are you returning to the Love Island Villa? I’m 25, I’ve got a house, a cat, a nice car – I’ve got everything in my life except my boyfriend, so why not give it up.

You were brave and honest when you opened up about your ex-partner cheating on you. How has that experience affected the way you approach dating now?

I now take this experience as a really positive reflection. I look at it as something I had to go through to make me stronger and learn things in life so that I can learn what I want from my next partner.

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Molly Smith

AGE: 29


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