Lumos helps companies manage their employees’ identity — and access

Andrej Safundzic, Alan Flores Lopez and Leo Mehr met at a lecture at Stanford that focused on ethics, public policy and technological change. Safundžić — speaking to TechCrunch — says the lecture showed that few people, especially in the corporate sector, have control over their online identity.

«The future of software is in the complete automation of manual work processes,» Safondzic said. «Authorization decisions are probably one of the first workflows that make sense for this, as they are very simple — but also very common — needs with real business impact.»

That’s the seed of an idea that led Safundzic, Lopez and Mehr to think about ways to better manage digital corporate identities. Their efforts culminated in Lumos, a platform that helps companies manage application access permissions in on-premises and cloud environments.

Lumos, which can be accessed via the command line or the web, helps orchestrate tasks such as auditing which users have access to which applications and systems within a corporate environment. Additionally, Lumos can evaluate and recommend ways to reduce software license spending by tracking usage and integrating cost data. And — using AI — Lumos can turn support tickets into workflow and analyze employee data to suggest changes to staff access credentials.

Lumos’ tools are especially useful for companies with a lot of applications to contend with, Safondzic says — which surveys would suggest for most companies. Per BetterCloud, businesses used an average of 130 apps as of 2023, up 18% year-over-year.

«Now that people are starting to invest again, our features around employee engagement and ticket automation are gaining traction as IT leaders look to enable their workforce to achieve more,» Safundzic said. «The future of access management is IT and identity access management becoming more of a strategic function that adapts and unleashes AI agents that automate repetitive tasks in different areas.»

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With claims of 9x revenue growth from May 2022 and a user base that includes Roku, MongoDB and Chegg, it’s not surprising that some VCs are behind Lumos. This week, the startup closed a $35 million Series B tranche led by Scale Venture Partners with participation from a16z, Harpoon Ventures, Neo and others.

With a total of more than $65 million in the bank, Lumos is in a good position to prevent a lots of, a lots of rivals in the markets of access and identity management, says Safundžić.

«Building a generalized core infrastructure allows our products to mature much faster than usual,» Safondzic said. “Because of this, Lumos has been able to grow faster than competing solution points because we serve multiple customer pain points, which is why we have appeared in many different RFPs. For any company building an end-to-end platform, you’re going to have a lot of competitors because of the large product surface.”

Lumos, based in San Francisco, plans to grow its workforce from 95 people to ~150 by the end of the year.

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