Mark Cuban explains to Elon Musk why diversity, equality and inclusion are not ‘racism’

Elon Musk he has never been a supporter of diversity, equity and inclusion. We know this because last month he made his way to X—seemingly out of nowhere, but one never knows—to write«DEI must DIE» and on Wednesday – in response to a 4000 word post from a fellow billionaire Bill Ackman in this matter and how it relates to the former president of Harvard Claudine Gay-he he declared“DEI is just another word for racism. Shame on anyone who uses it.” So we think a primer from another billionaire, Mark Kuban, on DEI and why it’s good for the workplace will change a guy’s mind? Probably not, but the Cuban shot!

In response to Musk’s claim, Cuban he wrote: “Good businesses look where others don’t to find the employees who will put your business in the best possible position for success. You may disagree, but I take it for granted that there are people of different races, ethnicities, orientations, etc. who are regularly excluded from consideration. By expanding our recruitment search to include them, we can find people who are more qualified. DEI-Phobic companies’ loss is my gain.” (Ackman, who paid war against the former Harvard president, comes to Musk’s side of the argument, writing in his original post that diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives are «racist,» that he fears «reverse racism» and «racism against white people.» ” and that DEI is “a powerful movement that has permeated not only Harvard but the entire educational system” and must be stopped.)

Musk’s Tesla emphasized its DEI efforts in its 2022 Impact Report“We are proud to be a majority-minority company with a strong representation of employees from communities that have long struggled to break down historical barriers to equal opportunity in the US.” And as Bloomberg noted last month, Tesla “has held recruiting events targeting women and students from historically black colleges and universities and Hispanic-serving institutions, as well as several internal events to celebrate employee diversity. It also has several employee groups, and the company launched a national DEI internal newsletter in 2022.

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Last year, the Equal Opportunity Commission sued Tesla before the federal agency accusatory the company «engaged in and continued to discriminate against black employees at the Fremont plant by subjecting them to severe or pervasive racial harassment and creating a hostile work environment because of their race.» In response to a similar lawsuit by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the company said it «strongly opposes» any discrimination.

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