Massive Leak reveals Pixel 9 phones ahead of Google I/O 2024

The upcoming Google I/O 2024, scheduled for Tuesday, is likely to showcase advances in AI software. By using technology similar to mine (the Gemini language model), some of these features will be available in current Google products such as the Gemini chatbot.

More will be introduced later, potentially tied to new hardware releases like Google’s upcoming Pixel phones.

I don’t suppose Google unveils Pixel 9, 9 Pro and 9 Pro XL phones during the keynote. Unlike previous Pixel launches, there may not even be a teaser from Google. With Google already launching the Pixel 8a ahead of I/O, it looks like this year’s flagship event will focus solely on software, leaving no room for hardware announcements.

I expect Google to introduce AI features during the event, potentially as an exclusive to the upcoming Pixel 9 release this fall.

It’s somewhat ironic that on the eve of Google I/O 2024, a major leak has revealed three Pixel 9 models. These Android flagships are ready to use the latest and most advanced products from Google AI features after their release in October.

The appearance of three Pixel 9 phones is not new, as they have appeared in many leaks throughout the year. Recent rumors suggest that Google.

The latest Pixel 9 leak comes from Rozetked, which claims to have gained access to three operating units. The reveal marks the first time we’ve seen three Pixel 9 phones side-by-side. For a comprehensive view, all the leaked images are available in the blog post.

A recent leak seems to confirm earlier speculation about the Pixel 9. While the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro will share the same dimensions, the Pro version will have thinner bezels and a triple-lens rear camera setup. Meanwhile, the Pixel 9 Pro XL will prove to be the largest of the trio.

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The phones will have a new camera bar on the back that deviates from Google’s previous rear camera module design. Notably, the bar no longer extends to the sides, while the edges of the phone have a flat iPhone-like profile.

In addition, the blog revealed some specifications of the three phones. For the Pixel 9 variants, expect screen sizes of 6.24 inches, 6.34 inches and 6.73 inches. In addition, all phones will offer at least 128GB of storage.

The more expensive Pro models boast 16 GB of RAM, the Pixel 9 has 12 GB of memory. This particular specification suggests that the Pixel 9 phones may offer exclusive AI features requiring on-device processing. In terms of performance, all three phones will be powered by the Tensor G4 chip.

As for the camera setup, expect triple 50-megapixel cameras on the Pro models.

Since this information comes from a leak, there is a possibility of inaccuracies. However, the Pixel’s specs and features are often revealed well in advance. This latest Pixel 9 leak suggests that Google is increasing its commitment to Pixel 9 hardware and promises positive developments for Android enthusiasts. We will soon reveal unique AI features Google has it in stock for the upcoming Pixel 9 phones.

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