Microsoft is improving the AI ​​Recall feature after a rollback

When Microsoft introduced the Copilot Plus PCs in May, one particular announcement caught the attention of many wary Windows users. An exclusive feature called Recall uses artificial intelligence to capture screenshots, store them and analyze them locally, then let you search for them on a visual timeline. As expected, this has raised concerns among privacy-conscious individuals.

After facing widespread online criticism — including a troubling report by cybersecurity researcher Kevin Beaumont about hackers potentially accessing Recall’s data — Microsoft is implementing significant changes to the AI-based feature before its full release.

In a post on the Windows Experience Blog on Friday, Microsoft’s Pavan Davuluri outlined the company’s response to the criticism that Recall has faced.

Microsoft now mandates that users sign up for Windows Hello and activate Recall. Proof of presence will be required to access your timeline or perform a recall search.

Microsoft also announced that it is adding additional layers of protection to the Recall app, including just-in-time decryption secured with Windows Hello Enhanced Sign-in Security (ESS). Snapshots they will only be decrypted when the user authenticates. In addition, Microsoft has encrypted the search index database to offer an additional layer of security.

These tweaks may not convince everyone to activate the Recall feature, but it’s reassuring to see that Microsoft is quick to respond to criticism. Co-pilot Plus PCs from Microsoft and other manufacturers will debut on June 18, which is also when the Recall demo will be released to customers.

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